Discover your company’s personality for HR advantage

When your company is succeeding, this undoubtedly means it is growing

Its continued success will be influenced significantly by your HR and people management skills and it is essential to master the building and management of your team to ensure its continued prosperity.

Matching your company’s values to your candidates – an art and a science

Values-driven recruiting can only be achieved when the purpose of a company, together with its core principles, have been fully defined, promoted and used in the recruitment process. It is essential that the company’s purpose and core principles are communicated effectively to all new recruits so that they are aware at the outset of the company’s ethos.

The science of shortlisting has increased in accuracy in recent years as better analytical programs and filters help companies to find the best-qualified candidates; however, equally desirable is the art of finding the candidate who is the perfect fit for the company’s culture. To achieve this, management must be able to effectively articulate and communicate the company’s vision and values throughout the recruitment process.

How to identify your company’s personality

An organisation’s ‘personality’ is a combination of its core vision and shared values, initially established by its leaders and effectively communicated to the entire team. Defining an organisation’s personality can seem an impossible task but it can help to ask where it stands in relation to various issues, such as:

– Quality, or quantity?
– Cautious planning or action orientated?
– Executive or team-based decision making?

Further insight on your company’s personality can be gained simply by considering whether the company values certain characteristics, such as:

– Strong relationships of trust.
– Performance-based compensation and rewards.
– Clear enthusiasm for innovation.

When a company’s founding team and senior employees are aware of the company’s personality and culture, its values will be communicated better and it will be a stronger organisation as a result.

Ensuring a perfect managerial match

A common mistake made by fast-growing companies is to appoint a founding team member who is not quite ready to a managerial position. Doing so can throw a company off-course, as it may damage relationships with third parties and existing employees. It should be clear that any prospective manager can succeed in the following key areas as a minimum:

– Leadership and management development.
– Clear and efficient communication.
– Organising and managing people.

Internal recruitment is often carried out, as this is likely to ensure that the manager is already immersed in the company’s culture; however, the ideal manager should not only share the company’s values but also seek to enhance them.

Communicate the company’s personality

Ensuring that efficient lines of communication are in place throughout the firm – between departments and from the senior level to the most junior – will go a long way towards ensuring the company’s culture is fully integrated at all levels. An in-depth knowledge of the company’s values and culture will make for efficient staff who can make decisions aligned with the company’s objectives.

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