Don’t take a career break: make travel work for you

Have you been dreaming of traveling the world but don’t know when the right time to take a career break will be?

The truth is that it is hard to find a right time and regardless of whether you love your job, you have worked hard to get to your current position and taking time off can impose all sorts of uncertainty involving your career. Here are our tops tips to help you discover the wonders of the world without sacrificing your career.

Check out your entitlements

As much as we may all like to jet off and tell our boss that we will see them in ten years – or never – there are financial implications to consider. You may lucky enough to work for a company that allows you to have a structured career break, in which case you have the perfect system in place to travel with the assurance that you will be able to go straight back to your job; however, companies with this scheme in place cannot always offer the exact same position upon your return, which is worth bearing in mind.

Take your job with you

In other situations, the connective powers of technology today allow many companies to be more open to remote working; however, most companies will need you to ensure that you have internet access and the resources to put work in as and when needed. How often you are available to work will also have an impact on the amount of stability you can gain.

Companies are increasingly adopting this method of work and it is worth discussing remote working with your boss if you are unsure whether it would be an option. Trialling out how flexible working would work for both parties can be a great start. If this is not possible, most major sectors now have homeworking positions and you may be surprised by the variety of possibilities open to you.

Make sure it is the right decision for you

Even if you are working online for your employer while abroad, you will still need to be aware of tax and visa regulations. If you work outside the UK for more than three years, different obligations will apply as you will no longer be treated as a UK resident. You are unlikely to be too affected if you are travelling for short periods of time, but rules vary from country to country; therefore, it is crucial to research any tax or visa costs that you may need to pay.

The idea of working as you travel may seem idyllic, but it is not without its downfalls. Remote working may equal a fluctuating pay cheque depending on when you can work. This lifestyle may not provide as much stability as a traditional work setup and does not suit everyone; for example, you may miss the company and structure your old job provided.

If you can make a flexible job role work for you, it can be incredibly rewarding; however, it is important to think carefully about how you will cope with the changes to your lifestyle.

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