Is getting a CV professionally written actually worth it?

From one person freelance operations to large companies generating significant revenues, the internet is awash with people offering up their CV writing credentials

In an age of automation, zero hour contracts and the job market becoming ever more competitive, job seekers are increasingly looking to get the edge in their online job search.

It’s no surprise then that professional CV writing services has burgeoned as an industry since the recession.

But is it really worth getting your CV re-written by a professional?

Whilst many would argue that something as personal as a curriculum vitae is best written by job seekers’ themselves, the rates of success can be significant; indeed, many companies even offering money back guarantees if no interview comes off the back of it.

Katie Blake, of one such company – – explained: “CVs are still the primary way in which employers judge applicants before inviting them to interviews and this will remain the case for the foreseeable future.

“From doctors and nurses to logistic managers and salespeople – all kinds of job seekers opt for these services. It’s often the case job seekers simply don’t have the time to write their CV.

“With online job vacancies receiving ever larger numbers of applicants, we’ve witnessed an unprecedented increase in orders from job seekers who want to tip the balance in their favour since we started out 16 years ago.”

“The reality that recruiters only spend a few seconds looking over CVs and cover letters is starting to become recognised by a majority of job seekers.”

In an age of social media, job seekers are also increasingly aware of the importance of how they appear to employers online.

Ms Blake continued: “In addition to a CV many job seekers are paying for other services such as writing LinkedIn profiles and developing their online presence.

“In this day and age employers will very likely “Google” you prior to inviting you for an interview. This means that job seekers who curate an online presence that markets and sells themselves successfully have an instant advantage over those that don’t.”

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