Job interview? Remember these easily-forgotten tips

Improve your interview prospects by taking note of these essential tips

These are designed to keep your job interview focused and on track, and your nerves to a minimum.

Job specification

Make sure you clearly understand the requirements of the role you’re applying for. If a job description isn’t available, glean as much information as you can from the advertisement, and try to speak with someone from the company about the role, such as the person organising the interview. The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to get flustered when discussing the details of the role during your interview.


Dig out information that gives you a good idea of the company and its business. You’re likely to find all sorts of information by carrying out Internet-based research. Have a look at search engine results, check out the company’s website, take a look at articles in the media, and see what you can find in social media.

Don’t be late!

Make a good first impression by arriving in plenty of time. Be clear about the journey you need to make to get to the interview nice and early. Arriving late not only looks bad but could impact on the interviewer’s schedule. Don’t let that late arrival be you!


Remember that you are trying to impress your interviewer. How you look is important, so plan your interview outfit, dress appropriately and present yourself professionally and neatly.

Listen carefully and respond appropriately

When put under pressure, interviewees can lose concentration and miss key points raised by their interviewer. Maintaining focus and paying close attention to what the interviewers are saying is essential, and will help ensure you stick to answering the questions you’re being asked.

This may sound obvious, but nerves can lead you to ramble and talk about irrelevant things. By all means, share extra and interesting information to support your answers, but it’s important to stick to the point. Being well prepared and rested prior to an interview should help you ensure that your mind doesn’t wander.

Why you?

You want the job and you think it’s a great job for you. But why should the company choose you over other candidates? Be prepared to explain why you should be selected. If you have thought carefully in advance about why the job is right for you, you should be able to respond with an interesting and well thought out answer, which highlights your suitability.

Bear in mind that you might be a fantastic fit for the job, but the interviewer still needs to clearly see how keen you are for it. There’s no need to go overboard, but tell them what attracts you to the role. This could set you apart from other candidates who meet the criteria.

Be calm

Remember that interviewers are trying to find out about you and discover how well you match the role. They are not trying to trick you. Before the interview starts, pause to take a few deep breaths. When the interview starts, try to relax in order to show your genuine, natural self, and help the interviewer see why you should be their number one choice for the job.

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