Top five tips for succeeding in your next job interview

Edith Cooper, head of human capital management at Goldman Sachs, has shared her top five tips that will help

Companies are using a range of techniques to assess potential employees and ensure they are building a successful business, but an interview is still primarily a way of checking the suitability of candidates and how they fit into a company.

Build on your story

An interview is your opportunity to bring your CV to life, elaborating on the experiences you have had and how this makes you suitable for the role. It is important that you bring in specific points that show how you have resolved a problem or overcome a challenge and where you have learnt something. You also need to bring in your skills working as part of a team rather than only showcasing your individual strengths.

Be prepared

If you really want a role, you need to ensure you are properly prepared and have done some research on the position and the company. It is essential that you understand the business, its customers, recent projects, how it fits into the industry, and any opportunities for it to grow its market share. You need to have well thought-out answers that indicate your desire to work for the company and that you understand the wider environment.

Do not sit back

In addition to being an opportunity for an interviewer to learn more about you, an interview is a chance for you to ask questions and get to know more about the business and the position. Ensure that you have some insightful questions ready, as this will show you are keen and give the company a good impression of you. Make sure you listen to the responses and keep the conversation flowing.

Be yourself

Whilst it is important to be prepared for an interview, you also need to show your own personality and character and not just act in the way you think is expected. You do not have to try to be someone you are not or pretend that you have certain skills, as companies want a mixture of people working for them who have new ways of solving problems and can bring something different to the business.

Make the right impression

Do not just focus on the skills that you have and the experiences you have gained and then forget about the basic elements of a job interview, which can also be important for securing the role. Demonstrating that you are someone who will work well in the business can be just as crucial, so pay attention to the small things. This includes being there on time, having a friendly persona when you meet people, dressing appropriately, considering people’s body language, and acknowledging the interviewer afterwards with a follow-up email.

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