Eight ways to supercharge your personal brand

You do not need to be a celebrity to maximise your personal brand

As the old saying goes, people buy people. To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to have a powerful brand. You do not need to be a celebrity to maximise your personal brand; instead, follow these top maxims to supercharge your personal brand and ensure a diehard customer base.

1. Be the best at what you do

This might seem obvious, but the take-home information is that your brand is only as good as your achievements. To build your brand, you need to do something and do it well. There is no point being all style and no substance.

2. Publish, blog, write

Consumers spend hours online researching the products and topics that interest them. To become a personality in your arena, your name needs to be seen. Write books, do blog spots and get yourself in magazines.

3. Bring in the clowns

When you are blogging or writing, make sure your content is never just about you or your product, which can make for boring reading. Get your friends, family and even pets in on the act, with entertainment the key to a good show.

4. Name your own star

If you have good material waiting to be published that other people may want to use, such as a report or paper, name it after yourself. In this way, it will be your name being used or printed whenever your material is referenced or quoted.

5. Talk it out

While public speaking may not be every entrepreneur’s idea of a good time, it is an excellent way to build an audience and meet new potential customers and partners. Look out for conferences, educational talks, live forums and any audience hangouts. Talking to a room about a subject you know well builds a sense of expertise and trustworthiness for your personal brand.

6. Overshare

This is another area where you might just have to go for it. We live in a time of sharing – people want to connect with real people and hear real stories. Talk and write about how you got to where you are today, what achievements you realised, and what mistakes and failures you encountered.

7. Look good, feel good

Physical appearance is important and while we can’t all have movie star good looks, we can look our best. This means eating well and taking care of yourself so that you have the energy to go the distance; in addition, it means that your public should look at you and admire the fact that you take good care of yourself. We respect people who respect themselves.

8. Create trust with a live stream

Trust is a big issue for many global personalities. If the market gets to see you talking about your business or passion live every day, they will start to think of you as a real person. This is great news, as a personal brand needs a real person behind it.

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