Four behaviours that could make you look unprofessional in your interview

Did you know that there are several behaviours that could be having a negative impact on your interview success?

You already know that your teenage email address, such as, is not appropriate when applying for jobs, and that showing up late for an interview is a big no-no.

You have also learnt that a good, strong handshake and eye contact are key in any interview, but did you know that there are several behaviours that could be having a negative impact on your interview success?

You are not being true to yourself

Although you should put on a professional front for interviews, you still need to let your true self come through. Who you are at home should be who you are at work, and hiding this person away could prevent you getting the job of your dreams. Unless you are an actor trying to get the latest role in a play, be sure to show the hiring manager who you are as a person.

This means sharing your interests outside work, which will demonstrate what an interesting, rounded person you are and create a far more memorable conversation than a stuffy, professional one that lacked intrigue.

You are too desperate

Your whole life depends on this job and the hiring manager knows it. Desperation is not an attractive quality in anyone and this is equally true in your job interview. While you are enthusiastic about the role and you are keen for the company to see this, you need to make sure you convey this in a confident way. Show the interviewer what your strengths are and why you would be a good fit for the company without being a ‘yes’ person.

You have been an extrovert on social media

Unfortunately, despite social media channels being personal and part of your home life, employers are looking at these to see what type of person you are. If you are crude, derogatory or nasty on your social media pages, it is highly likely that your potential employer is going to find out and put a black mark next to your name. Be careful what you share on these pages, as you never know who is looking at what you are doing.

You did not do enough research

Before you attend a job interview, you need to have researched the company thoroughly, checking its mission statement and company history and delving into the story behind the founders. Make sure you have a general understanding of what the company stands for; however, do not think you can ace the interview simply by jotting down a few notes.

Instead, you need to demonstrate to the interviewer that you have more than a basic understanding of the company and that you know exactly where you would fit into the business. Check out references of the company by looking at Google News, making sure you have looked at what the executives are saying about the direction of the business.

Familiarising yourself with the direction in which the company is going will help you to show that you have taken a keen interest in the business. Anyone can put together some key facts about a business, but it takes a stellar candidate to showcase themselves as part of the ongoing business strategy.

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