10 reasons why you need to train your employees

This will not just be beneficial to your employee but also to you - and your company will gain dividends

Whether you own a small local business or a multi-million-pound international firm, you have a duty to ensure all your employees are well trained in every aspect of the job. Ensuring your staff get the right kinds and amount of training, as and when they need it, is a vital part of running a business. 

To illustrate this fact, here are 10 of the main reasons you need to train your employees:

1. Your life will be made easier. This is a bit selfish, but it is true. If your staff are well trained, you or your managers will be able to leave them to do what they are being paid to do without worrying that they may not be doing it right or wasting valuable time and resources on having to supervise undertrained employees.

2. Your firm will be more efficient. Properly-trained staff make less mistakes, so cost you less money putting them right. They will perform better, and therefore more efficiently, and you should notice an increase in overall productivity.

3. There will be less accidents. Proper training schedules, particularly in industries susceptible to work-related accidents, will decrease the chance of incidents occurring. Your staff will be safer when they know what they are doing and how to act when things go wrong.

4. Your company will enhance its reputation. Well-trained staff perform better at all levels, meaning that outsiders will form a better opinion of your firm.

5. Your employee turnover will reduce. Properly-trained employees are happier in their work, as it makes them more confident and their job easier. Staff are more likely to stay working for you if they get the right training.

6. You will not have to retrain staff. Certain jobs require regular assessment to ensure staff have the correct certifications or credentials. Allowing these to lapse, and therefore having to retrain from scratch, can be time-consuming and costly; therefore, it is far better to maintain a regular training schedule.

7. You can keep up-to-date with new technology. As technology is always changing, it pays to keep your staff trained in all the latest innovations so that they, and your business, are not disadvantaged.

8. Your company image will improve. Along with reputation, your branding involves creating the right image in every element of your business. The right training, such as in diversity, safeguarding or accessibility, can boost your image with both customers and the wider public.

9. Your employees will thank you for it. If staff are properly trained, they will be able to meet deadlines, increase productivity, and work better all round. They will also be grateful for the opportunities training brings them and more likely to stay loyal to your firm.

10. There will be less risk to your firm. Training your staff in certain areas, such as sexual harassment or confidentiality, will decrease the associated risks to your firm.

It seems that training your staff – and training them well – really is a win-win situation. What are you waiting for?

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