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Women – how your employer can promote your career in IT

It has frequently been found that women struggle to succeed in male dominated industries

Statistics show that IT and related software and computer services accounted for 34% of the UK’s creative economy in 2015, yet fewer than 22% of the jobs in this growing sector were held by women. 

It has frequently been found that women struggle to succeed in male dominated industries, but there are good reasons to want to succeed in this area of the economy

1. Expand participation

To encourage female participation in the industry, it needs to be promoted to women and girls who are still in university or school and have yet to make any real career choices.

The benefits of an IT career and the opportunity it provides to remain creative at work need to be promoted to achieve this.

The sector could also reach out to women who are currently not working within the industry but who may be looking for a career change or are returning to work after a career break.

Opportunities to obtain and advance existing skills and abilities must also be provided to women

2. Ensure the workplace is conducive to work

There can be barriers in the workplace that make newcomers, whether female or male, uncomfortable or unwelcome; therefore, such barriers must be broken down.

Key attributes that dissolve such barriers are openness and being approachable on an individual level. When an approach of transparency becomes widespread, this can help the workplace to become supportive and encouraging.

3. It is important to praise good work

To fulfil their potential, individuals must have the will and ability to motivate themselves. Self-motivation can only happen when individuals feel positive about the work they have created already; therefore, it is important to praise good work.

When we praise others in the workplace, they are encouraged to push themselves further and others are inspired to emulate their successes.

Continuing inequalities in the creative and technological industries remains a problem. Whilst there has been an increase in awareness within the industry that these inequalities must be challenged and broken down, and legal changes will ensure that this continues to be monitored, more needs to be done.

Ultimately, it is only the companies within this industry that can make the visible, material and effective changes needed to ensure that women have an equal chance of thriving in an industry that has so much to offer.

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