How to increase the performance of your team

Here are some simple guidelines that can be followed to help ensure the development of an effective team

Historically, training and mentoring have been provided; nowadays, it seems that many people are thrust into this function and expected to be able to deliver results.

Here are some simple guidelines that can be followed to help ensure the development of an effective team.

One of the most important skills as a people manager is to lead by example. Your team will look to you constantly for guidance and to establish appropriate behaviour boundaries and levels of performance. Be aware of this constantly in every task you undertake.

Developing and maintaining a structured and considered recruitment process will help you to get the right people for the job. Always ensure you are fully prepared for the entire recruitment process and do not ignore doubts about candidates under pressure to recruit. Delaying an appointment to find the right person is always the correct decision.

Providing an atmosphere of support is vital. Your team members must feel that you care about them as individuals. Structure and support their professional development and encourage their initiative through regular performance meetings.

Encourage your team to commit to the company by allowing them to contribute to its core values and business development plan. Every employee has something unique to offer. By understanding their strengths and supporting them, you can aid the company and provide the individual with a sense of permanence within your organisation.

Ensure you regularly revisit procedures and invite your team to comment on their effectiveness, making any suggestions they may have for improvement. It is important to acknowledge that processes can be improved upon and it is beneficial to all to get your team involved in this.

Empower your team with significant responsibilities wherever possible and involve them in resource management, whether supporting smaller teams of staff or delivering targets for a given project. It is vital that you furnish them with the appropriate tools and training for this in advance.

Recognise that learning should never stop for anyone. As part of leading by example, you should demonstrate to your team that you keep up to date with relevant changes to your sector and that you are not above being proven wrong about a particular decision. They may have a better solution and should feel they can put this to you.

Building a successful team is incredibly rewarding. People management can be demanding and time consuming; however, the rewards are priceless.

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