Five ways to be a better manager

If people are a company’s most valuable asset, good managers are the most valuable employees of all

They are the ones who can guide, support and sometimes cajole the people they manage into working faster and more effectively.

A team lead by a good manager can achieve amazing results; conversely, a poor manager can leave even your most talented and dedicated individuals feeling burn out and ready to head for the exit. What does it take to be a great manager?

Mean business

A good manager has the organisation’s mission statement engraved on their heart. They know that every choice, every project and every strategy should tie back in to the fundamental goals of their company.

This means staff will feel decisions are made fairly and will gain a greater understanding of the strategic nature of their own roles.

See the big picture

Alongside point one, a manager has to have a good understanding of the rest of their organisation and how all the various teams and departments interact.

They should always have a long-term goal for their own area and an understanding of who they need to work with to get there.

Treat people as people

One of the most obvious elements of being a good manager, yet seemingly the hardest, is the ability to treat people well. This does not mean agreeing to every demand; instead, it means understanding what drives your employees and helping them to achieve a work-life balance that works for both them and you.

Encourage commitment

Staff should not be doing their jobs just because they are told to, which results in rote working and an inability to identify problems and think creatively.

Staff need to be passionate about their roles, and the best way to achieve this is to give them freedom. Help them to identify and set their own goals and they will be more satisfied and more willing to stretch themselves to achieve them.

Be prepared to have difficult conversations

No one likes a challenging meeting, but a good manager can make sure that everyone comes out not necessarily happy but feeling that they have been listened to and that the process followed was fair and transparent.

A good manager will help to identify solutions and put actions in place; alternatively, when necessary, they will clearly define what steps will happen in a calm and professional way.

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