The top 5 hot wellbeing trends that employers need to know in 2018

'Wellbeing' is a word you'll hear a lot next year, referring to the way we feel emotionally, physically and mentally

Employers should try to assist with this by implementing one or more of these workplace wellbeing trends in order to make life better for staff.

Digital detoxing

The vast majority of productivity in offices is done in front of a screen, and, thanks to the advances of smartphones, many employees find they are still working at a screen well beyond normal working hours.

The concept of a ‘Digital Detox’ will be big news next year, when employers will need to give staff some time away from screens each day and also allow for breaks throughout the day. Time away from screens needn’t be wasted productivity.

Meetings can be spread throughout the week, whilst brainstorming sessions in communal areas can provide a well needed detox from the screen. Another good option is to take an outside walk for one-on-one meetings or chats – a perfect break from the dreaded screen.

Healthier vending machines & snacks

Whether you provide the snacks or you have a machine for staff to use, the trend for healthy eating is here to stay. Those with healthier lifestyles, such as vegans, will be looking to consume healthier snacks at work and this may mean a change to the food in your vending machines. Think coconut chips, protein bars and raw food bars over the usual crisps, cakes and chocolate.

Community spirit

Giving back is the new getting, and we expect to see more business activity in community projects. Not only does this improve the ethical audit of your company, but it also instills a sense of goodwill in staff and will make them proud to work for you. Fundraising days, community food drives and partnerships with local charities or schools are all ways that companies can give something back to their communities.

Sit/stand desks

It turns out that sitting down all day at a desk is not the best thing for your posture, bones and muscles. Sit/stand desks, that allow staff to stand for some periods of time whilst working, will not only improve their health but can have a positive effect on productivity too. Some employers may even go further and install elliptical training machines under desks so staff can get a workout too.

Financial wellness support

Research has shown that economic stress and mental health issues go hand in hand. Companies will be offering more support with financial wellness programmes, which may help staff manage money better and thus alleviate stress.

These top trends demonstrate a cultural shift towards the impact companies can have on improved health and wellbeing amongst staff. We all want to live happier, longer and healthier lives and seeing that we spend a third of our time at work, it makes sense to start there!

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