Rosie Haines Champions her way to Top Biller Record Breaker

The Complete Top Biller course is recruitment’s version of Tough Mudder

Those that saw the posts last week about Rosie Haines will want to know more about the recruiter who has taken top spot on the Complete Top Biller course leaderboard, broken 2 course records and got MVP for her company. A hat trick!!! Billing more in 12 weeks than some would be proud of doing in 12 months, I introduce you to the ‘Sola Champion’ Rosie Haines:

Rosie, how are you feeling after your record-breaking performance on the top biller course?

I’m feeling great and completely gob smacked. I still can’t quite get my head around the fact I passed, let alone broken records. I’m very motivated as I’ve set myself an even higher target for this quarter so it’s head down and back to it.

Was it just a big 12 weeks or have you carried on applying the principles you learnt?

I’m most definitely applying the principles – some more than others but I’m definitely applying them. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my confidence around very Senior people who I would normally have hesitated calling and may not have even done it. I’m offering free advice and market knowledge, going the extra mile and trying to make sure I stick to a consistent day plan which were some of the key lessons.

What were the key factors to achieving the results you did?

Hard work and focus. It really was nothing over and above that. At times I really struggled with fitting the training in but I would do it at the weekends and evenings so it didn’t interrupt with my prime selling time.

What do you think makes a top biller stand out in this crowded industry?

This has got to be one of the most saturated markets out there and to be stand out in it, you absolutely have to be an expert in your field. If you can offer people a service rather than just a bum on a seat, they will continue to use you. Since doing the course, I’ve made a lot of effort to make sure I’m sharing my knowledge and expertise with Sales Directors and the industry, even if in the short term I know I’m not getting a placement or job out of it. I know and continue to learn as much as I can about my market and both my clients and even new clients can see that.

 What was the most important thing you learnt on the course?

When you work in recruitment, you effectively run your own business. When you understand that, you don’t need to search for the motivation, you don’t worry about doing the extra hours and you enjoy and are passionate about what you do. Everything else you’ve taught comes along side this – keeping a day plan, knowing your customers, going the extra mile, being an expert etc. etc. I’ve realised that this should be second nature because it’s my own business and the better I do, the more success I have.

What advice would you give people struggling on it now or who have given up half way through?

Just keep going. If you knew for a fact that taking an hour / an hour and a half out of each week would earn you £5000 or £10,000 more a month – would you do it? YES. Listening to the training is the hardest part – everything else fits so nicely into your working week and brings you success / happy customers and placements. If you can’t be bothered then you’re probably in the wrong job.

When I set my 3 course objectives, I actually thought I’d set them too high and started worrying. I had a conversation with my CEO and Sales Director about quitting because of time but once I’d found time to fit it in, it was worth it.

What is next for you career wise Rosie?

 I’ve set myself another (what seems now an unachievable), target for the quarter so I’m head down trying to hit that. I’m also working with Adam to bring myself up within the next 6 months to fully run the Solution Sales Team and hopefully grow it more by December. Who knows… I might try and take SOLA international 🙂

The Complete Top Biller course is recruitment’s version of Tough Mudder. To date we have a 65% pass rate so those that do pass by hitting their revenue/runners target have done an awesome job. To nearly bill 3 times that target set and bill twice as much as anyone ever has in 12 weeks, well that is just incredible. Well done Rosie, you are my inspiration, in more ways than one….

If you want to find out how you can bill more or get your people to bill more check out but this course isn’t easy so only apply if you can invest the time and are committed to self study.

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