6 benefits that might actually turn your employees off

Travelling abroad can be an essential part of a job role, but this can leave a sour taste in the employee’s mouth

A positive atmosphere and good working conditions in the office can enhance wellbeing and lead to retention of more experienced and long serving staff. However, there are some benefits which companies present as being fun and exhilarating, that can actually turn employees off.

Forced fun days and team building exercises are two examples of events that can unsettle employees. The fun side of corporate culture, many say, should be optional, as many employees have family commitments and caring responsibilities outside of work. No one should be named and shamed for not taking part.

The ‘Employee Of The Month’ benefit is a perk that many companies use to reward one worker who has gone above and beyond. However, many see this as simply a rotational exercise which defeats the purpose of the initiative. Many companies will have one or two employees who consistently stand out, so this benefit is often seen as a flaw.

Travelling abroad can be an essential part of a job role, but this can leave a sour taste in the employee’s mouth. Companies often use booking agencies or side with one particular company for business travel to book flights, accommodation and cars. While this can be seen by outsiders as a benefit, it does not allow the employee to choose a hotel or a car. What is seen as a perk can be an inconvenience for the business traveller.

Some companies will pay your mobile phone bill which again, is seen as a positive perk. However, there is often the expectation that staff members will be available around the clock to answer any urgent calls or even to come into the office to sort out any issues that may arise.

Employees enjoy being acknowledged for their hard work and some companies like to repay with gift cards. However, what can seem a genuinely kind thought can sometimes miss the mark. A vegetarian will not appreciate a gift card for a butcher, or a worker who does not like outdoor pursuits will not appreciate a gift card for an adventure centre.

With participation in fitness increasing, many firms are offering gym membership. This is a positive perk which allows employees to unwind after work. However, the location can often be problematic, with the gym being miles from the employees’ homes. What is seen as a perk may become an incentive that is not used.

Not all employee perks will work, and what suits one company or individual may not suit another. Company owners are always searching for ways to reward staff for longevity and hard work. Some do work well and are received favourably though, so it’s up to the employee to pick and choose and make the most of the ones that can benefit them fully.

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