5 ways to become a better manager

To ensure you both inspire and support your team each day, here are five ways to become a better manager

Managing a team can often feel the opposite of easy. Even if you have many resources at your disposal, you will likely feel overwhelmed with your level of responsibility from time to time.

After all, you will be responsible for managing multiple deadlines, supporting employee morale, and resolving various internal conflicts. To ensure you both inspire and support your team each day, here are five ways to become a better manager.

1. Motivate Your Staff

If you want your team to meet deadlines, reach their potential, and help the business to earn a substantial profit, you must find ways to motivate your staff every day. To do so, you must identify what makes them tick. As discussed on HuffPost, communicating better and being an example are two key ways to motivate your staff. Additionally, you could boost their passion for the role and a project by providing positive feedback, highlighting their successes with the rest of the team, or presenting them with a cash bonus for a job well done.

2. Improve Your Communication Skills

Clear communication can prevent confusion, frustration, and internal arguments. Your job as a manager is to convey what you expect from each team member clearly, so they will understand what they need to do and how they are going to do it.

Talk to your employees one-on-one to discuss a task, send them an informative email stating project goals and expectations, and encourage them to speak to you if they have a problem or concern. What’s more, you can head to The Muse for advice on how to communicate with your team clearly.

3. Show Your Support

Employees want to feel like more than just a number in an organization. It is, therefore, important to build a rapport with every staff member by saying hello, asking how they are, and taking an interest in their personal lives.

You also can prove you’re a caring manager by supporting them with a workplace issue or encouraging them to take a break when they look stressed. By allowing your team to go for a walk, Skype their loved ones, browse through Buzzfeed or play a Unibet game, you can help them to recharge their batteries, so they will feel relaxed and refreshed once they return to work.

4. Avoid Bad Management Behaviors

Unfortunately, many managers are guilty of making the same mistakes each day, which can drain morale and can lead to higher employee turnover. However, by recognizing this behavior, you could iron them out of your working life to improve your staff members’ job satisfaction.

For example, you must avoid:

• Micromanaging your employees
• Only offering feedback during a crisis or performance review
• Ignoring staff concerns or ideas
• Avoiding tough conversations
• Allowing conflict to spiral

5. Request Management Training

If you want to help a company to grow throughout the years, while ensuring your employees feel both valued and supported, you should request to enroll in a management training program, if you haven’t done so already. It will not only provide you with the tools you need to boost morale, but you can learn how to manage your workload and multiple deadlines to improve company efficiency.

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