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Employers will be demanding these jobs next year

There is set to be a demand for specific roles in 2019, as companies recruit to improve their productivity and efficiency

Some roles are not only predicted to be in higher demand, but also look set to have the potential to be a long term position, which can be unusual in the modern job market.

In this digital age, there is an ever increasing requirement for candidates with technical skills, but there are also many roles where knowledge of a specific relevant software package is sufficient. A minimum level of digital knowhow is a prerequisite for many jobs.

The world-renowned human resource consulting firm, Robert Half, released its 2019 Salary Guide report and data from that report was used to compile lists of the positions likely to be in high demand in 2019 and also roles with longer term prospects.

GDPR project managers

This is one of the roles expected to be particularly sought after by employers over the next year. With the new GDPR rules that came into effect in the first half of 2018, many companies will require GDPR project managers to make sure they are compliant and to protect them in the future.

Systems analyst

According to the BLS (US Bureau of Labour Statistics), systems analyst roles are predicted to increase by 9 percent through to 2026, so an increase may be seen initially in 2019, and such roles also appear to have potential for longevity. By finding technical solutions to business and IT issues, a systems analyst can be integral to the successful planning and implementation of projects.

Mobile applications developer

With businesses increasingly reliant on mobile technology to communicate with and engage their customers, the BLS predicts that job roles for mobile application developers will increase 24 percent by 2026. The future is bright for those professionals able to design and enhance smartphone or tablet software.

Business or compliance lawyer

For lawyers specialising in reviewing contracts or legal notices, there is predicted to be an increase in roles available over the next year. As a guide through the maze of legal rules and obligations, business or compliance lawyers are increasingly necessary in the modern workplace.

Customer service manager

As the customer service industries continue to expand, so too does the requirement for customer service managers. By 2026, the customer service sector is projected to increase by 5 percent. Communication skills are essential above all else in a role of this sort, but responsibilities extend to handling difficult customer complaints, evaluation of team performance and working in partnership with other departments.

General accountant

A general accountant is an essential requirement for the majority of businesses and this is set to continue and increase in 2019. This vital employee will compile balance sheets and manage the finances of an organisation.

Digital strategist

Hiring prospects for job roles such as digital strategists are strong, due to the increasing reliance on digital communication. This role requires the identification of digital marketing strategies and campaigns, which will enable a company to achieve its goals.

With strong prospects and huge hiring potential in areas such as these, things look positive for both employers and potential employees.

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