The jobs that pay the most for women

Only 44 per cent of judges are women in the USA

Finding a role with a more generous salary can give women a higher earning potential, so here we look at some of the most financially rewarding jobs.

Managerial positions

According to the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 2016, benefits and compensation managers earned an average salary of $70,251 (over £55k); meanwhile, 61 per cent of HR managers were women, with an average salary of $ 70,342.

IT and computing

Despite computing traditionally being seen as a male-dominated role, around 89,000 women held the title of computer programmer and earned an average salary of $70,876; meanwhile, 265,000 were employed as software developers, achieving an income of around $80,236. Computer and information systems managers saw an average salary of $84,704.

These figures from CNBC’s Make It analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that female talent is increasingly being brought into the field of computing. Jobs in this financially rewarding area are increasingly in demand given the upward swing of ever-developing technology.

Financial roles

Working with numbers and finances pays well, with 108,000 women employed as financial analysts and an average annual salary of $71,188.

Science and psychology

Hands-on work as a physical scientist resulted in typical yearly earnings of $73,268 for the 122,000 women in the field; however, while there are less female engineers at 73,000, the average annual earnings were slightly higher at around $74,672.

Meanwhile, 71,000 women held the title of psychologist, with a $74,724 estimated annual salary.

Legal roles

This is a burgeoning field for women, with 337,000 holding the title of lawyer and earning an average income of $91,156. While only 44 per cent of judges are women, according to the US Consensus Bureau’s findings, the median pay was $80,807.

Health field

There were around 352,000 women employed as a physician or surgeon as of 2017, with very respectable average earnings of $91,468. According to the US Consensus Bureau’s study, women made up a startling 100 per cent of those in the nurse midwife role, with a median annual pay of $101,552.

While there were fewer women in the role of nurse practitioner than that of physician or surgeon, at 129,000, pay is estimated at a slightly higher average of $95,264. Greater still is that of a pharmacist – 147,000 women held this title, with their yearly salary averaging $95,368.

The biggest earner as chief executive

Topping the list was the role of chief executive. 313,000 women held this title, with a weekly wage of $1,920, making average yearly earnings of around $99,840. As good as it sounds, even the highest average salary here is not in the six-figure bracket and the disparity between the number of women employed and the salaries earned is noteworthy.

The number of men and their average income in this role tells a different story, with 2,415,000 employed under this title and an average annual income of around $125,580 as of 2017.

Although there are some respectable roles with appealing wage potential and more women entering such fields, the fight continues to narrow this distinctive pay gap.

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