How to source new talent using social media

The digital age means it is easier to source talented candidates, provided you know where to look and how to tap into them

The digital age means it is easier than ever to source talented candidates, provided you know where to look and how to tap into them.

With careful use of social media, companies can position themselves to grab the attention of passive job seekers – those who are not necessarily active in looking for a new role. There are a number of ways in which you can boost your online attractiveness to job seekers across all your social media channels.

Be consistently visible online

How you appear on social media speaks volumes, so keep it consistent. Posting regularly rather than sporadically allows you to build trust among your audience and confirms that you are active in the digital arena. Do this by having specific accounts related to careers in your company – although this is best for larger organisations – and by encouraging employees to get involved on social media. Existing employees are more likely to refer employable candidates; therefore, it can be worth offering an incentive via a referral programme.

Have a content strategy and do your research

Arguably the most important part of your social media strategy is the content you put out. Make sure your strategy is cohesive with your brand, keep your target audience in mind and consider what kind of content this audience would be most likely to engage with. Mix it up with text posts, images, links to other websites, and even posts profiling current employees. Images are more likely to be shared by others when compared with a plain text update.

As part of your research into a content strategy, identify the accounts your target audience is already engaging with and follow them. Watch how they engage and note whether you can fill any niches that arise. Also take note of which platforms your audience uses and highlight any opportunities for cross posting. The chances are that you will reach most of the same people, but there is always the possibility of extending your reach through engagement and sharing.

Targeted adverts and sponsored posts

Paid-for adverts can be really effective if used well, with most of the popular social media platforms allowing the fine tuning of advertising campaigns to reach a specific audience. You can potentially reach candidates by job title and interests, boosting your visibility to those you want to attract.

The power of LinkedIn

Far more than just a digital CV site, LinkedIn has proven itself to be a vital aspect of social media networking and marketing. You can advertise roles through a company page in addition to searching for candidates based on keywords or experience. Getting involved in LinkedIn discussions is also a good idea.

Track social media activity

Bringing it all together, it is so important that you analyse your traffic data and see where you might be able to identify areas for improvement. By knowing what content is most shared, for example, you have a better insight into creating a content strategy for the upcoming months to ensure you continue to broaden your online reach.

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