5 Twitter Tips for Recruiters

If you’re going to use Twitter as part of your recruitment efforts a clear and executable strategy should be planned and implemented

If you’re going to use Twitter as part of your recruitment efforts a clear and executable strategy should be planned and implemented. Using your twitter page should not be used only as an extension of a jobs board. Posting jobs is fine, but not the sole action of the account. Here’s some tips to help boost your Twitter efforts

Use Staff accounts alongside the company account

Use the followers that your staff have to post about jobs alongside the company account. This way extra visibility for the jobs and they may have more active engagement with their followers.  Cross posting the jobs by the recruiter will also show a more personal touch from the company.


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Use the search facility

Use Twitter’s inbuilt search options to search for people who are actively seeking jobs that match the positions you have available. Reach out and connect to them. Use quotation marks around specific phrases that you want to search for to get more exact results.


Make sure that your answer any direct engagement to your accounts quickly. Download a twitter for your phone so that you get instant notifications for when someone reaches out to your account. Social Media users expect quick engagement so make sure that you can answer quickly.

Connect with your followers and potential candidates by thanking them for following, engaging with them and make a potential candidate feel important by personally reaching out and point them to your job listings.


Consider using Social Media Management tools.  Options to schedule tweets, create lists of keywords that you easily keep searching to engage with potential candidates, as well as being used to find and create relationships with businesses for new clients.

Other tools includes Followerwonk – where twitter Bios can be searched so that candidates with specific skills can be found.


Give your account some personality by sharing content, the latest news about your company and giving advice to job seekers. Social Media users want to see the ‘human side’ of a company and exposing the culture of your company can lead to long lasting relationships and more likely to establish a better following.

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