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Eight mistakes that can kill your chances on LinkedIn

Here are basic unwritten rules to follow and breaking these can jeopardise getting a job or lose connections and potential clients

LinkedIn, one of the biggest social media platforms around, is designed for professionals. People sign up to the site to look for a job, network and promote a business. LinkedIn is changing constantly and it is up to the individual to decide how they want to utilise it, as the approach will differ accordingly.

No photo or an inappropriate photo

You talk to professionals on LinkedIn; as such, you need a competent photograph, ideally a friendly headshot. Whether you are promoting your services or seeking employment, people need to feel they are connecting to a real person.

LinkedIn invites not rewritten

Although LinkedIn has its own computerised message, it is strongly advised that this is personalised. The receiver feels more inclined to accept the invitation if they understand the reason behind it and the gesture also feels more genuine.

Having just a few connections

Ideally you should have more than 100 people in your circle to enable you to be easily found; however, you must be selective with whom you connect and avoid people who are of no use to you or you do not know.

Go for quality rather than quantity and get in touch with those in your professional field or who could help you to grow. That said, the ideal number for optimisation purposes is 500+ connections.

LinkedIn profile and CV contain the same information

A resume is a formal document that should be short and to the point; however, you can put your personality into your profile on LinkedIn. The site allows you to attach projects and achievements and write in a style that suits your image or brand, letting people really get to know you.

Spelling or grammatical errors

As with a CV, your LinkedIn page must not contain mistakes. Get the information proofread or use your spellcheck.

Too many updates posted

LinkedIn posts should give useful information to your connections. People are on the site for work purposes; therefore, if you want to tell your circle about every event in your life, please go to other social media platforms.

Say the right things on LinkedIn

You should start discussions about subjects that make you look confident and knowledgeable.

The wrong headline

The headline has a major role, helping you to rank highly in the search field. This is the section that people will see first on your page, so highlight what you are good at and your expertise. Your headline must be interesting and grab people’s attention to make them read on.

LinkedIn is a laid-back site and everybody has their own style, but these guidelines can help you to get the best out of everything it has to offer.

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