5 crazy job interview questions that tech firms love to ask

Do you want to work in the technology industry? If so, you might find yourself answering some fairly weird job interview questions

Some of the most successful technology executives have revealed what their favourite job interview questions are, and they range from slightly strange to totally bizarre. If you want to prepare for a technology job interview, here are 5 crazy questions that you may be asked.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This question is normally answered by young children, but now job interviewers have started to ask it too. This because the answer reveals a lot about the candidate. A good answer will include goals and dreams, which highlights that the person wants to grow and move forward. A bad answer would be brief, and it would lack positive goals.

Which animal would you be if you had to be an animal?

Interviewers ask this question as they know that everyone has a specific animal that they feel like they identify the most with. They will share traits and characteristics with the animal, so the animal that they choose can be very telling. For instance, if the job involves lots of teamwork a good candidate may suggest a dog, as they are friendly and they work best as part of a team.

What would you do if the zombie apocalypse started?

Lots of millennials love to discuss the possibility of an impending zombie apocalypse. Some people think this is a silly waste of time, but it may actually benefit people in job interviews. Interviewers ask this crazy question as it is a great way to see how candidates deal with pressure. There is no right answer, but you will get bonus points for staying calm and not getting flustered when you reply.

How weird are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

One of the main traits that some companies look for in their employees is a fun, unique personality. This is because unique people are often more likely to be creative and innovative. There isn’t an ideal number, but it is best to avoid 1 and 10 as both are a little extreme!

What was the last costume you wore?

Interviewers ask this strange question as it is a good way to find out more about the candidate’s personality. It is important for interviewers to choose candidates that will get along with the rest of the staff, especially if the candidate will be working in a team environment. Most answers are good answers, but you should keep quiet if the last costume you wore was offensive!

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