Video hailed as tool of the future for executive recruitment industry

Paper CVs or even an attachment to an email are practically old-fashioned these days

Technology has added a lot to many sectors of modern life; now, a global recruitment specialist has told the recruitment industry to start using technology to assist clients and keep the costs of providing services down.

Patrick Mataix, who founded CEO Worldwide and is the chief executive officer of this specialist international executive recruiting company, thinks that recruitment agencies have not caught up with the innovation displayed by many of their clients. He says that video in particular has massive opportunities to offer that are currently not being tapped to their full potential.

Mr Mataix’s comments appeared in conjunction with the launch of a video platform for high-level executives to share CVs on video and case study reports. The platform, iCEO Studio Video, can be accessed via CEO Worldwide’s YouTube channel and shared with the agency’s international executive search engine.

Paper CVs or even an attachment to an email are practically old-fashioned these days. The idea of sharing information and applying for positions in this way may be unfamiliar to some high achievers, but all kinds of people now use video to introduce themselves in all kinds of circumstances. This trend is not going to go away; therefore, executives who ignore this may find themselves left out of the running when it comes to prestigious appointments.

CEO Worldwide recently published a report that included negative comments about the recruitment industry. The report claimed that much of the recruiting of high-level executives was conducted using out-of-date models and approaches; in addition, the agency said that too much was often charged for services. The report called for fees to be structured according to competitive and transparent methods and that services offered should be a lot more flexible.

CEO Worldwide has a solid track record when it comes to executive recruitment. Since 2001, the agency has accredited some 17,000 international, top-level executives, also known as iCEOs. The agency has managed more than 1,000 executive search mandates in over 70 nations around the globe, encompassing interim management, executive consulting and long-term recruitment at C-level.

Mr Mataix explained that the iCEO Studio Video was designed to be simple, easy to operate and generally intuitive. The platform is largely offered at no cost to iCEOs who have been certified. Using the platform will enable executives to demonstrate their professional achievements and credentials to a worldwide business audience.

For employers, the platform offers a critical first impression of the candidates they are thinking of hiring for the first time. It also allows potential recruits to present information about their insights, their successes and their experience over a broad spectrum of topics in a dynamic way. Employers also get an idea of how executives present themselves and their confidence and speaking skills.

Video gives executives a chance to display their wares and assist with the traditional process of recruiting, added Mr Mataix. He said this would offer significant advantages with international searches, as video would not only speed up the process but also open it up to a larger number of potential candidates.

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