HR managers are struggling to find tech talent – here’s why

Hiring software developers is apparently a much more difficult task than hiring other employees

Many hiring experts believe that people who hire software developers are always at a disadvantage because they simply do not know enough about software development.

Hiring software developers is apparently a much more difficult task than hiring other employees – and the problem is caused by a lack of knowledge

The ever-changing world of tech

Recruiting people for IT positions has long been a problem for hiring managers. This is because most of the people who are filling the position have limited IT knowledge and can quickly become uncertain when reading a CV or talking to a candidate.

Another issue is that IT technology is constantly changing and developing; even if a hiring manager makes a concentrated effort to learn more about IT, their knowledge could quickly become out-dated. Sadly, it is often difficult for the hiring manager to dedicate any extra time to learning more about IT, as they have other skills to research and positions to fill.

The problem is simple: hiring managers and recruiters tend to lack the technical knowledge needed to find the best software developer. This can mean that the hiring process is complicated and drawn out; in addition, there is the possibility that the wrong person will be hired for the job.

Improving the way in which hiring managers hire tech talent

There are a few different ways to improve the way in which hiring managers hire tech talent; for example, they could take a crash course in software development before hiring new software developers. This means that the recruiter would be knowledgeable in relevant IT areas.

Hiring managers could also ask themselves questions to help them to understand more about the role of the software developer. Why do they need a software developer? What will they do for the company? What language will they code in?

What to look for in a software developer

There are certain traits that hiring managers should look for in possible candidates. A good software developer will have experience and expertise, even if they have only been working as a developer for a few years. Qualifications tend to be less important, as many of the best developers are self-taught or partially self-taught.

It is also important to look for a software developer who can go the extra mile to make an impact. Ask to look over their portfolio or CV so that you can get a better idea of their experience.

You should also ask the candidate about their programming skills and how proficient they are. This will help you to find out more about their skill level, enabling you to decide whether they can complete your project to the highest standard.

The final thing you should do is talk to the candidate about their own goals and visions, as this will enable you to establish whether their personality is compatible with your business.

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