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How to find a job on your smartphone

Whether you’re a new graduate or just looking to switch up your career, finding a job can be a tough challenge

To make the process of applying for jobs much easier, and to give you more time to improve your skills, has put together a few simple tips on how find a job using your smartphone.

Download apps to help with your job hunt

Smartphones are fast becoming the easiest way to apply for jobs, as you can upload your CV to database apps like Indeed and Monster, and apply whenever an appealing job opportunity arises.

The Google Play and Apple store are full of easy to use apps that can you download and use to your advantage.

Top 10 Job Application Apps (recommended by

  1. Indeed
  2. Monster
  3. Careerbuilder
  4. Reed
  5. Totaljobs
  6. Jobmagnt
  7. Jobsite
  8. Job Today
  9. CV Library
  10. Linkup

For recent grads, Debut is a useful app that helps users find graduate jobs, placements and internships.

With the help of the Talent Spot feature, users can also be headhunted by their dream career as it enables employers to fast-track ideal candidates to assessment centres or interviews with no prior application necessary.

Current employers using the app includes Barclays, Arcadia, Microsoft, HSBC and Sky.

Use social media to help you

Use social media to get your dream job by searching for relevant hashtags and accounts to follow on Twitter.

Many big name employers have recruitment accounts, such as, @LOrealCareersUK, @UnileverGradsUK and @BBCCareers, all of which post job opportunities, UK wide, on a daily basis.

To search for jobs in your local area or for a wider range of employees, look for popular hashtags such as #nowhiring and #graduatejobs

Popular hashtags:

  • #NowHiring
  • #Jobs
  • #Careers
  • #TweetMyJobs
  • #JobOpening
  • #JobListing
  • #JobPosting
  • #GraduateJobs.

Update your CV

Once you have found a few roles that you are interested in, the next step is to update your CV, remembering to tailor your application to suit different job descriptions.

Having access to apps on your phone will help to maintain your CV on the go, and give you the advantage of being able to apply for a job as soon as it goes live.

Top apps to help you update your CV

  • Google Drive
  • Pages (Apple only)
  • Pocket CV
  • ResuM8
  • CV Mobile

Use Google Drive as a place to store your CV and cover letter safely on your phone. Simply sign in with your email address whenever needed, and make the most of being able to edit on the go.

Andrew Cartledge, Mobile Expert at said: “The job market in the UK is highly competitive, so finding ways to be ahead of the game is key.

“Whether it’s using apps to market yourself, or social media to get involved in the conversation with industry leaders, your smartphone could make the process a whole lot easier.”

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