An introduction to Facebook Ads

With Facebook reach hovering around 6% it is becoming more important to reach Facebook users in different ways.

With Facebook reach hovering around 6% (6% of your likers will see a post from your business page) it is becoming more important to reach Facebook users in different ways. From Facebook ads to looking to improve your engagement from likers there are a couple of ways to increase the reach of your posts. Facebook Ads are the PPC of Facebook. They can be used in a similar way as Twitter Ads and Google Adwords and due to this you can reach passive users.


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Business Page Ads

From promoting your Facebook page, to links to your website there are a few options that can best suit your needs and requirements.  The first option is to promote your page. Advertising your Facebook page means exactly what it says – the advert will be linked to your Facebook page and you’ll be looking to increase your likes. With active engagement you can increase your reach and improve the visibility of a brand.

Website and Post Ads

Another option is to promote your website. This will allow for a link to a page on your website and is a good way to promote an individual job or location, as well as your company page.

The third is to promote a post from your site. This alongside ‘dark posts’ are a good way to get your posts into the feeds of targeted users.  Used alongside a link it can massively increase your reach to a targeted area without massive costs.

Create a Target Audience

Whatever you decide to choose, make sure that you target a specific area. If you are a general recruitment agency, create a number of ads for various sectors. If you are looking to use ads to recruit a specific role, you can target the location, level of education and interests. This way you can be sure that the ads are in front of the right people.

Creating a small, targeted audience will ensure that your ads are cost effective. There are numerous options that will allow you to target the people you want.

Mobile Ads are Best

There is an option to add to mobile users feeds. Make sure that you use this option – most Facebook users are from mobile devices so if not used then you will be massively decreasing your potential reach.

Once you’ve started and created your adverts, use the A/B testing options to make sure that you continuously improve your ads to get the most out of them.  Facebook Ads can be a great resource for getting passive candidates so may be worth your while looking into – especially as the reach of normal posts decrease!


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