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Why ATS integrated social media recruiting is a must

Today social media means much more than a medium that keeps you connected with friends and family

It is a powerful networking tool that hiring managers can harness to recruit the best of breed from across the globe. But while this vast landscape offers unparalleled scope for recruitment, it also requires the ability to manage a huge volume of information and screen several profiles before they are shortlisted.

Social media recruiting forms a crucial element of the new-age recruitment process but without automation, recruiters typically end up spending hours searching for the right fit from the vast sea of candidate profiles. Being the largest and the most far reaching network, social media makes a perfect hiring platform to fill vacancies faster but without ATS integration, identifying, attracting, engaging and hiring talent can leave recruiters pressed for time.

ATS integrated social media recruiting is much faster, easier, and efficient as compared to the manual approach where hiring managers are required to post jobs on different platforms one by one, make corrections manually, download every shortlisted CV and then upload every candidate’s information in a spreadsheet, and finally generate reports to track which social media platform is performing the best.

With an ATS all of this can be accomplished in minutes! An applicant tracking system enables recruiters to post jobs on several social channels in seconds and target the right candidates with an integrated careers tab. It lets you leverage the personal social profiles of your existing employees to generate high-quality referrals and expands your reach beyond job boards and employment portals.

The unique features of an ATS let you stay focused on your top recruitment priorities by accelerating the sourcing funnel from start to finish. Automated social media recruiting presents a world of opportunity to busy recruiters who are struggling to find top industry talent in ways that are faster, cheaper, and better.

ATS integrated social media recruiting is a very efficient way to collect a vast amount of candidate information at a much faster pace. It also helps you narrow down your search by filtering the right fit in a fraction of seconds. With an ATS, recruiters spend very less of their time sourcing the right candidates and more time engaging them.

It also helps you understand what’s actually working for you and why, so that you can make improvements wherever needed and clear the recruiting clutter. With accurate data on time taken to hire, the cost of hiring, the source of hire, and conversion rates, it helps you measure both hiring effectiveness and efficiency.

If you are looking to leverage the power of social media to speed up your recruitment process, this infographic teaches you the right way. Read on to know what you may be losing out on with your traditional recruiting approach and rectify your process for fast and efficient hiring.

Article by Kelly Barcelos, Digital Marketing Manager for Jobsoid

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