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How tech businesses can encourage more female applicants

Despite tightening gender equality regulations, women are still not being appointed to highly-technical roles as often as men

It is a sobering thought that women who make a career in the technical industries are still pretty few and far between, even in these relatively enlightened days. Despite tightening gender equality regulations, women are still not being appointed to highly-technical roles as often as men.

The reasons for this are complex and numerous, of course, but there are certain steps companies can take to encourage more female applicants to their advertised roles.

Statistics from as recently as 2015 show that women made up less than 30% of workers in the world’s biggest tech companies; worse still, they occupied a mere 15.6% of specifically tech-related roles.

One of the most important steps a firm can take is to provide role models within the organisation. This means ensuring there are enough women in leading positions so that those joining the organisation can see potential for progression is not limited by their sex.

Female leadership has multiple benefits to any business, including better customer engagement, more diverse creative input, and the projection of a positive image to the public or clients.

It is not only essential to take steps to appoint women into higher roles but also to ensure they can act as mentors to new recruits. Establishing an organised mentor scheme will help to encourage those entering a company, enabling them to believe they can progress and thrive within the firm.

It should go without saying that businesses must ensure they pay competitive rates equal to those paid to the men to encourage female applicants into any position. They must also be as flexible as possible with hours to help attract mothers and carers.

Tech businesses should also become actively involved in schemes and initiatives aimed at encouraging young females to pursue tech careers. Despite recent developments, young girls are still largely put off technical subjects at school and are nowhere near as likely as boys to study technical subjects at university.

Going into schools, organising competitions and even funding female students could all lead to your business gaining more female applicants in the future.

Having more women in any workforce has been shown to produce not only a truly diverse organisation but also one that creates a more dynamic and outward-looking organisation, which can only be good for business. It is not only necessary to try to include women as an integral part of a company but also good sense.

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