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Six jobs in tech with six-figure salaries

Here are six jobs in tech that have six-figure salaries

1. Computer and information systems manager

After analysing salary data from a wide range of sources and the employment and labour market, it was discovered that the computer and information systems manager ranked as the highest-paying role in the tech industry.

A computer and information systems manager is the head of the IT department and manages a team, ensuring productivity and functionality. They ensure program applications and upgrades run smoothly, planning, directing and coordinating development.

This managerial job has an average salary of over £130,000 and an hourly rate of £54.34.

2. Marketing manager

According to the statistics, no position on this list requires an advanced degree or qualifications; instead, all roles require a bachelor’s degree and at least five years’ relevant work experience.

A marketing manager creates and supervises the various merchandising sales and advertising campaigns of an organisation, which the business uses to sell the brand and its products. They incorporate the vision and input from a variety of research, creative, sales and advertising teams.

A marketing manager position has an average salary of £110,000 and an hourly rate of £52.85.

3. Sales manager

Sales managers are responsible for developing sales opportunities, analysing competitors, and closing new accounts. A sales manager also recommends procedure and policy improvements; in addition, they build rapport with clients and provide them with information and assistance as required.

Sales managers also provide analysis for new products and international market opportunities and ensure the execution of sales strategies, plans, promotional and advertising programs.

The average salary of a sales manager is £104,000, with an hourly rate of £49.95.

4. Operations manager

Operations managers oversee the production of services or goods in an organisation, managing different departments and budgets. An operations manager ensures the business and its products exceed their client’s expectations and make sure the company’s operations run effectively and smoothly.

This role has an average salary of £100,000 and an hourly rate of £44.00.

5. Product manager

A product manager runs tech product development and is responsible for facilitating the communication between internal personnel and external parties. They also manage implementation and support teams to solve programming issues that arise in different environments.

Product managers also often meet with current and prospective customers to ensure software products meet their needs, acting on feedback received.

A product manager can expect an average salary of £100,000, with an hourly rate of £43.71.

6. Computer hardware engineer

Computer hardware engineers develop computer systems and hardware and are responsible for designing products such as circuit boards, computer chips, printers and modems.

These engineers assess the computer hardware system requirements of their clients and organisation and meet their needs. They create hardware designs and develop solutions with logistical details and cost estimates. During this process, they test and analyse hardware, resolving issues as they arise.

Computer hardware engineers have an average salary of £100,000 and an hourly rate of £43.42.

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