The best ways to use video for recruiting

Recruitment is increasingly being shaped and evolved by technology to meet mounting pressures and demands

Recruitment is increasingly being shaped and evolved by technology to meet mounting pressures and demands. Video is one such resource that can enable recruiters to stand out from the crowd, improve their brand image, and streamline the recruitment process.

Video to promote and boost brand image

Video can be used as a tool to illustrate the company and brand in terms of what they do, their core values, their achievements and their ambitions within the sector. Such media can also show potential new recruits what to expect from the work culture, the physical work environment, typical duties and responsibilities of the role, and even the opinions of current employees through recorded testimonials. This enhances engagement with different audiences while showing the brand to be contemporary and vibrant in its use of technology.

Video content can boost a company’s SEO and utilising this media in job listings can help potential applicants to get a feel for the brand and the role, putting them in a better position to decide whether it’s a suitable fit for their expectations, skills and interests.

Link videos for candidates

Communications with candidates can also utilise links to video, giving email an edge and a greater ability for the recipient to engage with the brand. This could illustrate the next steps in the hiring process, provide more information about the company, or it could include an engaging pitch as to the benefits of working there.

Job fairs offer a unique opportunity to promote a company and its vacancies. A tablet or laptop can be easily set up, or links to videos provided on business cards, to make a memorable, stand-out pitch to job seekers. Links can also be sent as a group message to a pool of talent to update and engage a number of individuals simultaneously on current job opportunities, reaching out to possible applicants and thus broadening the reach of the job advertisement. Social media is another platform on which video can be distributed for a wider appeal.

Video interviewing and beyond

The recruitment process is increasingly harnessing technology, and even the interview process can significantly benefit through the use of video. Candidates can be interviewed anywhere, at any time, through uploaded or real-time video. Various tools are at the recruiter’s disposal, from FaceTime to Skype, making the process more cost-effective and convenient for both parties, while freeing up staff to focus on the more personalised aspects of the process.

Once positions have been filled, the benefits of video don’t stop there. Video tutorials and training videos can be employed for new recruits, to show them the ropes and reiterate company values and role expectations, enhancing the settling-in period for new employees and enabling a smoother transition period.

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