HR Leaders can’t afford to be overwhelmed by tech when stakeholders are demanding it

According to the AESC survey of more than 600 consultants, HR is the second least digitally advanced business function

Human resources leaders risk losing control of their HR technology if they allow the plethora of options to overwhelm them, according to Alexander Mann Solutions.

This latest call to action from the leading global talent acquisition and management firm comes at a time when the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) published research revealing that HR is ‘dropping the ball’ with technology.

According to the AESC survey of more than 600 consultants, HR is the second least digitally advanced business function, with respondents in the U.S. and Canada, giving HR departments an average score of 2.7 out of five for digital transformation.

Erica Titchener, Global Head of Technology at Alexander Mann Solutions, commented:

“There is no denying that technology is revolutionizing HR as we know it. Our latest estimates suggest that in the third quarter of 2018 alone there were almost 50 major new announcements of evolved technologies to support the HR function and 17 new platforms entering the market.

“Against this backdrop, it’s no wonder that HR leaders are feeling overwhelmed and behind the curve when it comes to adoption. In fact, according to PwC’s latest Global HR Technology Survey, just 14% of employers say they are satisfied with their current HR technologies. This challenge is further exacerbated by the fact that many decision makers are eager to jump on the buzzword bandwagon, often being tempted by ‘shiny’, exciting new developments that, in reality, don’t solve the real pain point or integrate at all with existing tech.

“For HR leaders, the test now lies in controlling this need to jump on the tech bandwagon while navigating a minefield of options. But with the potential for this control to be taken away and handed to siloed IT departments, professionals simply cannot stand back and shy away from this challenge.”

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