Half of tech company jobs are in non-tech roles.

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According to a report by Glassdoor, you are in fact more likely to find a non-tech job in a tech company, with more than half of all vacant positions in UK technology firms being in roles such as sales, business operations, HR or project management.

(AUTHORITY URL : https://www.glassdoor.com/research/app/uploads/sites/2/2018/12/FINALGlassdoor2019JobTrends.pdf).

With 54% of vacant jobs in tech companies with 30 or more jobs currently posted on their websites being for non-tech roles, there are plenty of opportunities for people who don’t describe themselves as techie to find a new career in this market.

At big technology brands such as Salesforce, the proportion of non-tech roles is even higher, at more than 60%. Sales and marketing roles are particularly common, with job titles including account manager, project manager and marketing manager all in demand. Sales development, unlike the other roles mentioned, usually requires little to no prior experience, and because of that, there are tons of opportunities not only for those with deep sales expertise but also for people just starting their careers in sales.

Non-tech types of roles

Growing technology companies need staff who can help them grow, and so it is operations experts, recruiters, financial analysts and managers who they need as much as techies to develop their products. They need sales teams to turn their technology into revenue and they need operations teams to organise offices.

A techie subject

The amount non-tech roles get paid compared to tech roles may be a touchy subject for some workers at technology companies. Job seekers may be paid slightly less for a non-tech role than their techie colleagues, at £38,100 per year median salary, compared to £40,400 per year for tech roles.

Location, location, location

It can depend on where the company is located how many non-tech roles are available. Cambridge bucks the trend of tech companies offering more non-tech roles to potential applicants, with over 68% of jobs being advertised in Cambridge based technology companies being for tech roles. London goes the opposite way, with 52% of positions available in technology companies being non-tech roles.

Other big technology companies such as SAP and Amazon are, like Salesforce, looking for more non-techies than techies, with more than half of their current roles being for non-tech roles. But names such as Microsoft go to the opposite extreme, with only 38% of their open roles being for non-tech jobs.

Putting Microsoft aside, some of the largest global technology firms such as Expedia, Facebook, Google and Apple have the majority of their available roles in the tech side of their businesses.

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