High paid salaries in the iGaming industry overseas

iGaming is a unique market to work in and few people understand it

If you were ever wondering where all the high paid jobs on paradise islands are, then one industry that may interest you is iGaming. There is a diverse array of employment available in this industry which is made up of companies that operate online iGaming operations serving Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and other countries across Europe and around the globe.

Some of the hottest destinations include Malta and Gibraltar while there are also a select few jobs available on the Dutch artillery island in the Caribbean. Now iGaming is a unique market to work in and few people understand it or that there is gainful, and very well-paid employment for casino and betting companies operating on these islands mainly because it suits their tax regime.

Finding Employment in the Online Sports Betting Industry

Many of the betting sites out there have a brand name, but in-fact their ownership falls under a different name altogether. You can get a list of the brands here. When you click on the brand’s website, make sure you scroll to the footer where you will find the address of the company that owns the brand so you can then find their website.

This is the holding company of the brand that will employ you. In fact, many of these businesses own multiple brands, so when you are doing your research, you may come across the same company name multiple times.

If you want to do a background check on the legitimacy of the companies operating in places overseas, check their country’s government company registration information websites. For example, in Malta you have the ‘Malta Business Registry’ database. 

Web Development Jobs

A good place to begin is web development simply because the iGaming industry and online sports books mostly run virtual businesses. In fact, very few of the brands that offer these betting services have any kind of physical or high street location that is customer-facing.

William Hill, which has operations in Gibraltar, is one of the select few online firms in this industry that also has physical high street locations across the globe, namely the UK, USA, and Australia. However, big names like Bet365, Mansion Bet, and 888 are all entities that are online only. All of these websites need to hire web developers.

The best firms to work for, and the ones with the most work for web developers, are those that operate multiple brands. For example, Genesis Global has 15 brands including Funbet, Spela, and Vegas Hero, and on the website, there is a section for those looking for employment. Plus, as an added bonus, this firm operates out of Malta where you can work by day and catch the sun, sand, and sea on the weekends.

Some of the most in-demand web development skills include:

  • JaveScript
  • Flash Experts

IT Jobs

This section is slightly shorter because you now know about brands, companies, and how to search for iGaming and betting companies so you can find employment in this niche.

Of course, any company that operates a huge range of games and multiple betting markets will have a large IT operations department. This includes 2nd, 3rd, and 4th line support for IT issues that require escalation while usually, the customer service agents deal with the 1st line support and recording of IT issues. As IT has such a wide scope of employment, IT jobs are usually specialised.

Some of the most in-demand IT skills include:

  • Cisco Network and Security (CCNA) Specialists
  • Microsoft Engineers (MCSE)
  • Data Experts (Oracle and SQL)

Marketing Jobs

Another well paid employment opportunity in iGaming and betting firms is marketing. Marketing is the reason these firms exist. And, if you are multilingual, then you stand a better chance of landing a job in this field of employment.

This industry is all about exposure, promotions, bonuses, and even Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). There is a huge call for online and offline marketing experts, and arguably most importantly content experts.

Some of the most in-demand marketing skills include:

  • Content Marketers
  • Offline Marketing Experts
  • Digital Marketing Specialists

To sum up, the iGaming company has many departments you may see in other corporate firms. However, this industry has options overseas and it is also well-known for being generous with contract rates and salaries. Rather than beat around the bush and pay low for substandard employees, these companies look to pay high salaries to maximise employee satisfaction and output, which in turn keeps their casino or sportsbook in business.

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