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Investors back Recruitment Software start-up GeckoLabs

GeckoLabs' software helps the education sector manage and improve recruitment

Edinburgh-based GeckoLabs develops cloud-based software to help educational institutions manage and improve their recruitment process.

It has raised £250,000 in an investment round led by venture capital firm AngelLab.

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The Software start-up has announced plans to broaden its product range and expand in the UK with a new office in London. The company also hopes to expand into North America and Asia in the near future.

The company, which works with more than 30 UK universities and colleges, will create a total of 10 new jobs as a result of the investment.

GeckoLabs said its software helped universities and colleges with recruitment by capturing data and engaging with students in real time.

The firm’s founder and chief executive, Matthew Lanham, said:

“Universities and colleges are not maximising every interaction with students, and therefore missing out on potential enrolments.

“We’ve taken time to understand the student recruitment process, and identify where improvements can be made by embracing the latest technology.”

In 2012 GeckoLabs participated in ignite100, one of the UK’s top tech accelerator programmes, and recieved investment from Northstar Ventures, IP Group, and four angel investors.

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