Email Marketing ‘vs’ Social Media Marketing

Which is more effective?

Working in the world of Sales and Marketing I hear the same question asked and debated aggressively on a regular basis.

“Which is more effective, email marketing or social media?”

The truth is the world of Marketing has forever changed with the introduction of Social Media; to deny or ignore this would be pointless and counterproductive when marketing your company.

Social Media is a great tool for customer engagement and online brand awareness; however it is not the most effective way to drive sales.

Direct email marketing remains the most effective for engagement and ROI.

It all comes down to the volume of users:

Email = 4.9 billion users

Facebook = Over 1 billion users

Twitter = 255 million users

That means there are still 3 times more active email users, as opposed to people using social media.

The rumours that email marketing is over and an out of date form of marketing could not be further from the truth, the 4 points listed below show this:

1 – Forbes magazine published a recent study that confirmed customer acquisition via email has quadrupled in the last 4 years.

2 – Exhibit published a report that showed people are 40 times more likely to click on a link on an email rather than on Twitter or Facebook combined.

3 – The Direct Marketing Association confirmed the average ROI of email marketing is 4,300% which is significantly higher than ‘Forbes’ reported the average ROI of social media which was on average 1,000% (which in itself is still an impressive figure).

4 – Exact Target published a ‘Mobiles Behaviour Report’ that confirmed email is now the number 1 activity used on smart phones, with 91% of users checking their emails on a daily basis.

I use social media on a regular basis, and I regularly receive messages from potential clients on these sites requesting the offer or relevant information be confirmed via email. The reason for this is that email is still viewed as the most professional form of contact.

With this in mind, email marketing should be the most intrical part of your digital marketing strategy, with social media playing a strong supporting role.

Social media is not only a good tool to promote customer engagement, it also helps you to grow your email contact list through laser targeted ad campaigns which in turn help you to match your ideal client type to the relevant email campaign guaranteeing maximum results.

About The Author

Rachael Morse, National Business Development Manager at Digital Picnic Ltd. A sales and marketing professional with over 10 years experience as well as being a part time sales and marketing blogger.
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