Liveli announces launch of new automated hiring platform

Pocket-sized App makes hiring staff a breeze

Liveli today announced the launch of its new automated hiring platform for high staff turnover SMBs such as restaurants and retail businesses. The new app acts as a pocket-sized HR personal assistant by streamlining the hiring process and allowing SMBs to find the best staff in the least amount of time.

Liveli is an automated hiring platform that allows clients to select a pre-made job post, post it to leading job boards with just a click, scan resumes in the software without having to download or open an annoying file, and even automatically schedule interviews with top candidates — all within the easy-to-use app. Once potential staff have applied, clients can also order background and reference checks for potential candidates directly from the app.

Liveli is designed for the busy modern manager. The process is automated to make life easier and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. The program offers:

  • Automatic scheduling — You simply click “Invite to interview” and we do the rest. No more back-and-forth emails. No texting candidates. Our software does all of that.
  • Automatic reminders — Sick of no shows? Liveli automatically sends confirmation emails the night before and text reminders the day of. Stop wasting your precious time with no-shows.
  • Great permissioning and controls — We make it easy to include your entire team in the interview process. Simply add them to Liveli and share jobs with them. They can get notifications, alerts and reminders.
  • 100% Mobile — Liveli works on your phone, tablet, and computer AND it works on the candidate’s phone tablet and computer. It fits everyone.

According to the National Restaurant Association the overall turnover rate in the restaurant and accommodation sector was 66.3 percent in 2014, up 10 percentage points from the recent low of 56.6 percent in 2010. As reported in Investopedia, the cost of hiring an hourly employee can be upwards of $3,500 when you factor in the entire hiring process. For this reason, hiring the best possible staff, in the least amount of time possible, is vital for high turnover industries.

Before Liveli, hiring was a manual process, filled with annoying back-and-forth and highly variable results. Little things like scheduling interviews took way too much time for the average manager. More complex tasks like creating job descriptions and posting ads are often rushed, leading to unsuitable and unqualified candidates slipping through the net, thus wasting more time and energy and extending the process.

“To date hiring has been a real pain for high turnover businesses. Managers are left with the unattractive options of using community pages like craigslist and having to sift through hundreds of emails from unqualified candidates or using some clunky, expensive piece of enterprise software that requires an HR team to manage it,” said Adam Lawrence, CEO and co-founder of Liveli. “With Liveli, we offer managers a lifeline which will take the whole process off their shoulder, and let them concentrate on the million other things they have to do!”

Liveli offers optimized, enterprise-grade software with robust permissioning and analytics, but with a friendly and usable interface. The service has a price plan suited to businesses of all sizes, ranging from the basic free package or $49.99 per month for the team package. Later this year, Liveli will be unveiling their enterprise package, which offers a more personalized experience for companies in need of extra assistance.

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