7 tools to maximise your social media reach for recruiters 

How can you use Social Media to improve your recruitment efforts?

So the New Year is upon us and folks across the land will have already broken New Year’s resolutions, ranging from a dry January, to hitting the gym.  One area people look to change is their career, or look for a new job to better their prospects. With employers and recruitments agencies expecting a wave of applicants and CV’s, this is going to be a busy period for employers and potential employees alike.

Social media is a huge part of our lives: how we interact, how we source information and can even be used in the employment market. So how can you use social media to find new potential clients and, more importantly, the ideal candidate?

Flame Post

Is the perfect way update your content, seek out new clients and market yourself effectively. It allows you to time and schedule your posts so that you have a regular stream of content. It will update all other aspects of social media, such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. It’s your one-stop-shop for all your social media needs.


In a lot of cases the perfect candidate may already be knocking at your door, you’re just unaware of it. With most companies having a Facebook account, your ideal employee may already be following you on the social media site. It is the perfect place to interact with people and advertise vacancies to people who are already interested in the service you provide. They are already enthusiastic about your service so imagine what they could bring if they work for you!


It is estimated that around 8 million people have credited Twitter as the reason that they landed a new job. Top firms around the globe engage and interact with potential employees, advertising vacancies or posting employment tips and schemes. Likewise people are setting up Twitter accounts with the sole purpose of putting themselves in the shop window. With so many people willing to tell you about their many talents and skills, Twitter seems the perfect tool for recruiters.


A picture is worth a 1000 words, or so the saying goes. People can use Instagram to show off their creative side, from paintings to quilting patterns, to dress designs and sculptures. However, Instagram can also be used to create an online portfolio and help you to find that creative genius you are looking for. Even a browse through their holiday pictures will give you an idea about the personality of the individual and whether they would be the right fit for you.


You’re on it, we’re on it – we all know the potential to work with LinkedIn to find potential candidates.  With the ability to search for potential employees by a specific skills set, job title, and even the ability to ‘headhunt’ someone by their previous employment history, simply put it allows you to search for exactly the right qualities you need. Simple, quick, and easy!

Remember that most people are on it not to be recruited to. Connect with them on a personal basis – don’t send a blanket message to them, as this can lead to resentment towards you.


Jobvite is gaining a great reputation amongst recruiters. The site will distribute your advert through social media channels, friends, networks, referrals and even mobile phones apps. It allows you to track applicants. Jobvite will turn your follows into potential applicants and help you to build a reputation with them.


Snapchat may not be the first recruitment tool you think of, but it can be used as a way for applicants to send fun and creative applications and let their personality shine though. You can also use the tool to brand your company as a fun, exciting place to work.

Whatever method you decide upon to choose your ideal candidate, social media is a cost effective time saving tool which could assist you in finding the next ‘big thing’ in business, and help you recruit the stars of the future and the people that will make a difference.

Helen Pritchard is a former recruiter and owner of Blue Sky Digital Marketing – a Social Media company with a speciality in Social Recruiting

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