7 ways Instagram can increase your recruitment brand

Can you reach a younger audience by adding Instagram to your Social Media Marketing?

Instagram is gaining momentum as a social media juggernaut; its users are constantly growing. An estimated 26% of adults who use the internet are said to have an Instagram account and 53% of adults aged 18-29 who are online are said to use Instagram. As you can see, there is a huge audience out there – so how can you use Instagram to increase your recruitment brand and reach a wider audience?

  1. Make your business more personal

Take pictures of you and your staff hard at work; give a face to the person that clients will be dealing with. Show the hard work and dedication of your work force and the extra mile they will go to find your clients work. Use captions to show important and relevant information. Include photos of on-site visits, key marketing events, or new exciting projects your business is embarking upon… if it’s important then share it.

  1. Cultivate a following

You need to grow a following: use your Instagram account in conjunction with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Use popular hashtags to gain more exposure and push certain recruitment drives. And use it to network and engage with others, be it potential clients or recruits. If you create a 15 second video clip on Instagram, you can then share it on your Facebook page – adding to more hits.

  1. Spearhead a recruitment drive

Use it to spearhead a particular recruitment drive for a particular client. Use Instagram to highlight the benefits of working for your client, thus showcasing their business, as well as your commitment to finding the right person for the right job.

  1. Build Trust

When you were recruited to your job, you spoke to a human being who helped you to ease into the role. It was all very personal and it was that personal touch that would have helped. Your Instagram should also work to the same principles. Share information about yourself and your company such as:

  • Staff birthdays
  • Charity events such as coffee mornings
  • Staff nights out
  • Client events
  • The amazing work place facilities

All these will make you seem more accessible and add that personal touch which is important.

  1. Check out the competition

There is a strong possibility that people who are following your rivals and competitors will also follow you too. So browse at their profiles and see what they doing. Check out what is working for them and what isn’t, and adopt similar strategies… I guarantee they’ll be doing it to you.

6 Make the most of your Profile

Your profile should have key brand information about your business, you should shout from the roof tops all the clients you recruit for, tell your followers how many people you’ve recruited in the last week, month and year. Your profile should contain all the information clients need about your business and how to contact you.  Like anything in life first impressions count, so make your profile as memorable as possible.

  1. Update, update, update

Update your posts constantly. It makes you stay relevant and showcases the best of your business; from the benefits of recruiting with you, your clients, and all the fun you have. It doesn’t matter what you’re posting as long as you’re posting and keeping your brand in the public eye.

As you can see there are numerous benefits to using Instagram to promote your business and help you with a huge recruitment drive. It’s over to you to get your business out there!

By Helen Pritchard, a former recruiter and owner of Blue Sky Digital Marketing – a Social Media company with a speciality in Social Recruiting

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