Building a fabulous design portfolio

For inspiration, find an online resource to help build the perfect CV

Whether you are an aspiring web designer, developer or graphic designer, the chances are that you will need to present your work to a company or person at some juncture in your career. Brands and people will expect a kick-ass portfolio from you if you are a designer of any sort. Not only does your actual work have to blow them away but the way in which you present your portfolio too.

A properly structured CV and portfolio should showcase your design flair as well as your capabilities, skills and strengths. Your CV should be laid out in a way that attracts the attention of your target market or person but also highlights your skills and strengths. Planning and compiling your CV and portfolio can seem laborious, but once you have the perfect combination, your chances of landing your dream client is just a matter of time.

The Perfect Curriculum Vitae

Every CV is unique and different in its own way, but when it comes to artistic and talented designers, a more casual and funky layout may be expected. For many, there is nothing worse than an accountant style layout for a web or graphic designer, as this will bore any client or recruiter.

A web or graphic designer can get away with a less formal and overly professional looking CV, because the nature of the industry is anything but stiff and conventional. Adding your own brand essence and distinctive design verve is crucial when presenting yourself and your projects.

For inspiration, find an online resource to help build the perfect CV. You may think, ‘But what does my perfect cv look like?’ Well, most online resources will give you a few templates to choose from that you can use for inspiration when building your CV. The various templates and styles available online should suit your personality and design aesthetic.

The Perfect Portfolio

Next on the list to find an online resource to house and display your previous work and ability to design. There are various open-source sites that offer solutions to suit how you want to showcase your talent. Find the right online service that suits you and remember to add the link to your CV once you have compiled your portfolio.

Your chosen platform should allow you to add projects or designs and should be easy to navigate for users that will want to explore your portfolio. Ensure you offer a brief synopsis on each section of your portfolio to further inspire your audience to choose you. The synopsis should include the client, the brief and the target audience with an explanation of the results. Finally, always ensure that your portfolio is live, accessible and visible to clients and recruiters.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that your CV and portfolio should be well structured and designed to land you that awesome client or dream job you have your sights on. Your CV and portfolio should evolve as you do in your career and similarly showcase the progression of your work throughout the years.
Remember to include your personal energy and charisma in your CV and portfolio, ensure your work stands out from the rest and provides a unique and small taste of your capabilities. Good luck and knock them dead!

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