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The LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends report

The report begins by identifying the top priorities for recruitment

The LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends report is a fantastic barometer as to how the recruitment market will be changing for the upcoming year.

Using the results will allow us to make sure our techniques are in line with the conclusions from the report which will consequently lead to us acquiring the best talent. It is essential reading for HR professionals and hiring managers. The report begins by identifying the top priorities for recruitment.

The main focus this year is hiring the best talent and incentivising employers to stay in the job. This kind of information can help us tremendously when looking for the perfect candidate.

The report also states that spending rates and budgets and compares this data to other years which is extremely useful for recruiters.

The report goes into greater detail when looking at ways to find the best talent as well as 2016’s hiring trends. This year’s report has identified that millennials are in high demand.

This kind of data is extremely useful for recruiters as it keeps us ahead of this year’s trends which allow us to predict our clients needs. The report also looks at the impact of branding as well as recruitment trends for the future.

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