2016’s top 25 companies to interview with

Some companies handle interviews very well, while others make the process feel awkward

To establish the best companies to interview with, Glassdoor asked candidates to provide anonymous feedback on their interview processes. A rating system positively scored each company; interestingly, none scored over 90%.

Here are the top 25 companies to interview with in 2016.

1. Sherwin-Williams, 88%

Has an honest and upfront interview style, with team fit the most important element.

2. Grant Thornton, 87%

Senior management conduct all interviews and are very approachable, making candidates feel comfortable.

3. Caterpillar, 86%

Acts as a personal chaperone, taking candidates on a tour of the local area and paying all expenses.

4. BNY Mellon, 85%

Adopts a transparent style whereby each employee explains why they like working for the company.

5. J Crew, 85%

Uses joke-based introductions and provides candidates with comprehensive information about the company’s history.

6. H&R Block, 84%

Very professional, with senior management playing a key part in the interview process. All questions are panel based, with plenty of time for candidates to ask questions.

7. Southwest Airlines, 84%

Uses an unconventional style, which includes candidates being asked to take selfies.

8. EY, 84%

Offers a relaxed environment with a conversation-based interview style.

9. Walt Disney Company, 83%

Uses a professional process, with four panel interviews consisting of technical questions over two- to three-hour stints.

10. PwC, 83%

Interviewers are interested in finding out about the candidates’ personalities.

11. Publix, 83%

Creates a fun atmosphere, with jokes at the start of the interview to help candidates feel at ease.

12. Cerner, 83%

Well-organised, fast process featuring questions of average difficulty.

13. Six Flags, 83%

Pleasant team with plenty of interaction between the employer and candidate.

14. Jimmy John’s, 83%

A serious interview style with an emphasis on professionalism.

15. CDW, 82%

Uses external recruiters to find candidates, which means candidates are provided with ample information about the company; in turn, this helps to give them confidence.

16. Intel Corporation, 82%

Provides candidates with enough time to thoroughly discuss their previous experience and takes equal time to explain about Intel and its expectations.

17. Allegiant Travel, 82%

Explains its work-hard, play-hard mentality and the whole team is friendly, which gives candidates confidence throughout their interview.

18. DSW, 82%

As a company with a strong emphasis on fun, this company immediately makes its candidates feel at ease.

19. Aetna, 82%

Uses past errors and experiences to formulate its interview structure.

20. Old Navy, 82%

Group-style interview with skill-based activities including describing items found on the shop floor.

21. Lockheed Martin, 82%

Offers productive feedback and explains what could be offered in the future if the candidate is not successful first time.

22. FedEx Ground, 82%

Ensure candidates understand what the job entails by delivering a ‘Sort Observation’.

23. Deloitte, 81%

Hosts two rounds of networking events featuring behavioural-based scenarios.

24. American Eagle Outfitters, 81%

Easy to build rapport with the interviewer, which makes candidates feel comfortable throughout the process.

25. Gap, 81%

Gets to know its candidates with a mixture of skill- and personality-based questions.

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