How to land yourself a new job in the Christmas period

Here we look at how you can search over the Christmas period and perhaps even land a new job for the new year!

Finding a new job at any time of the year can be tough and looking for new employment during the festive holiday period can be even more difficult; however, it might not be as tricky as you think and you may even be in with a better chance of landing that dream job.

There are a couple of reasons why it can be a good idea to look for a job when most people are planning their festive holidays. Firstly, some companies are looking for people at this time of year and while many people prefer to wait until January to tackle job applications, opting to do so before Christmas may put you at an advantage.

In addition, some companies do most of their hiring in January. By getting in there early, you might be in with a better chance when the new year starts. Ways you can attempt to land the job you want include:


It is important to remember that things may take longer to progress as the holidays draw near and people begin finishing work for Christmas. If you have an interview close to the Christmas holidays, you may have to wait until January before you find out whether you have been successful. It is always useful to follow up with a prospective employer if you do not hear anything; however, you may have to wait for a response during the holiday season.

Professional holiday networking

The Christmas holidays are a great time for networking, as there are so many office parties, awards ceremonies and other work functions. Even if you do not talk about a specific role, it is a great time to network and make contacts who may be able to help you in the future.


Christmas is the perfect time to do some volunteering and help someone less fortunate. Volunteering could also open doors to your ideal job within a charity or provide you with valuable skills and contacts that could assist you in your job search in the new year.

Use friends and family contacts

Try discussing with friends and family over the festive season what sort of job you are looking for and how things are progressing. It is always possible that they may know someone or have some contacts who could help you.

Christmas communication

Sending Christmas cards to recruitment consultants and old work colleagues can be a great way to reconnect. It is always possible that someone you send a card to will be able to help you with your job search when the holiday is over.

Start searching for that dream job now and this could be a Christmas to remember for all the right reasons.

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