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Hate your job? You’re not alone: majority of workers are looking for a new role this January

And bad bosses have a huge impact on this

Feeling down about your job? New research suggests that you’re not alone, as the majority of UK workers (84.4%) are currently looking for a new role.

The news comes from job board CV-Library, which also revealed that over a third of workers (35.8%) dislike their current job.

The study, which explored the attitudes of 1,500 UK workers, also found that this is a topic that is on workers’ minds more often than you’d think, with a third (35.1%) of workers admitting to thinking about quitting their job frequently or often. The top ten reasons behind this include:

  • Bad management (47.3%)
  • Being underpaid (33%)
  • No development opportunities (31.2%)
  • Being undervalued (30.5%)
  • It’s boring (24.1%)
  • Poor work/life balance (21.3%)
  • Being too stressed (20.3%)
  • The workload is too high (17%)
  • Not liking their boss (11.3%)

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library: “The months following Christmas are always hard, so it’s not surprising to hear that the vast majority of the nations’ workers will be looking for a new role this January. With a New Year ahead of us, the job market is set for a boom, as many candidates look for roles which will better fulfil their careers, and enable them to escape some of the areas that make them dislike their current job so much.”

Furthermore, over two-thirds (69.3%), of workers think that their boss has an impact on how much they like/dislike their job. The survey went on to ask respondents what they would say to their boss if they could tell them one thing (and face no repercussions). Some of the responses included:

“Stop being so grumpy and rude!”
“Please can I have a pay rise?”
“Can I have your job?”
“Appreciate your staff more and treat them how you would like to be treated”
“Stop getting so involved in my work. Take a back seat and trust me to do my job”
“Be more open and honest with me about what’s really going on with the business”
“Treat your staff like humans, not another cog in a wheel!”
“Employ more staff. We are very overworked”
“Man up and take some responsibility”

Biggins continues: “A bad manager can have a profound effect on how much you like, or dislike, your job. If you are looking for work at the moment, it’s important to think about the areas that are most important to you and ensure that you address them, if appropriate, during the screening or interview process. We spend so much of our time at work, so it’s important that you’re doing something that you love, or at the very least, don’t hate!”

Finally, for those that aren’t looking for a new job, workers cited the main reasons behind this as being too comfortable in their current role (10.4%) and being promised improvements from their current employer (9%). A further 4% said that they couldn’t be bothered to search for a new job.

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