Career boosting online courses for just a tenner each

Gaining relevant qualifications leads to improvements in personal performance and in salary too

Online learning is a great way to increase your skills, and thanks to massive price reductions, you can learn at your own pace without breaking the bank.

In these uncertain times, it’s important to brush up your skill set to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Downsizing and redundancies can strike anywhere, at any time, so make sure that your job prospects remain secure by improving your skill set and offering your employer, and future employers, additional reasons to keep you on the payroll.

Thanks to the power of online learning you don’t have to attend college or university to gain some extra knowledge, skills and qualifications. Udemy, a leading provider of online courses for people who want to get ahead in their careers, is offering a variety of courses for just ten pounds – representing huge savings on their usual prices.

If you’re technically inclined then you could go for The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0, which will have you happily designing your own mobile applications and websites within just six weeks, even if you’re a complete beginner when it comes to web design. Or perhaps you feel you’d benefit more from The Ultimate Excel Programmer Course, as Excel ability is always an asset in a business environment. Show your employer that you can work magic with a spreadsheet, creating your own Macros, and watch your career rise to unexpected heights.

Web development is the hot topic right now, and with Udemy’s special offer you can learn a host of new skills. The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course – Build 21 Apps, could help you to fame and fortune, or you could try The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course to advance your career. Alternatively, there’s the JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts course, which will give you a deeper understanding of JavaScript if you already have a grounding in the basics.

An MBA is a big attraction for employers, but it usually takes significant time and money to undertake such a course. Udemy offers you An Entire MBA in 1 Course, in which Chris Haroun, a former employee at Goldman Sachs distills the relevant information into a single course that will show your bosses that you’ve got what it takes to succeed in business.

Whether you’re into photography or writing, Udemy has a course which will allow you to fulfil your potential, improve your skills and prove to employers that you have the edge. And in these troubled times, that can make the difference as to whether you’re applying for a hot new job or dodging redundancy.

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