Eight high-paying jobs you probably never knew existed

We admit that some of them would be hard to break into, but others are highly-realistic options

As the old saying goes, if it was fun, they wouldn’t pay you to do it; however, new research from online platform Savoo reveals that there are a whole host of well-paying jobs out there for those willing to throw caution to the wind.

1. Bomb diffuser (unexploded ordnance tech): up to £100,000

Working with the police, military or for private contractors, this role requires fitness, animal-like reflexes and, of course, nerves of steel; however, it is not all like the movies. An engineering background is required and specialisations are now appreciated in the field of robotics.

2. Voice over artist: up to £80,000

If you have a great face for radio, this could be the job for you. VO artists are managed in the same way as actors, and a jobbing artist who is reliable and efficient is always in demand. No qualifications are needed, but experience pays.

3. Online game guide: up to £50,000

If you are especially good at World of Warcraft and the like, other players could be willing to pay to watch you play. Individuals buy memberships to online events, with the stars playing and narrating their moves for other enthusiasts.

4. Ice cream taster: up to £50,000

For those who know the difference between a peach and a plum, and like to keep cool, life as a professional ice cream taster could be sweet. Firstly, you will need a food engineering degree; next, you will need to train you taste buds. After that, there is no stopping you.

5. Ethical hacker: up to £150,000

Working freelance or for the government at GCHQ, you will be happiest sitting in your cubicle. A degree in computer science or a natural talent will take you far, but you will also need to be 100 per cent vetted for security reasons.

6. Race engineer: up to £150,000

Standing in the pits, you are the interface between the driver and the racing technology stats. You will need to be a whizz at maths and physics, with a suitable degree, and it would help if you knew someone who owned a team.

7. Food stylist: up to £70,000

If you can’t stop turning your plate to get the best shot, perhaps you should consider becoming a food stylist. Making food appear as delicious as possible in front of the camera is just one side of the job – you will also need to learn what common household products best imitate jam, chicken and ice cream.

8. Chief listening officer: up to £150,000

As a division of marketing, you will need to devise ways to calculate how often people are talking about you or your products online. You will then use this to try to predict customer expectations. It might not be glamorous, but look at that pay cheque.

If none of these jobs take your fancy and you are still not ready to study engineering or medicine, you could always work as a Disney character. They earn up to £25,000, get plenty of exercise, hang out with children and, of course, the uniform is free.

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