CEO shares his secret question for successful recruitment

The CEO Matt Kaness personally interviews every single person who applies, after they have been vetted

Trying to prepare for what might be asked at a crucial job interview is a nerve-wracking process for most candidates but for those seeking a position at vintage clothing retailer, ModCloth, even the most conscientious and thoroughly prepared candidate may find themselves stumped by the first question they face.

The CEO Matt Kaness personally interviews every single person who applies, after they have been vetted. Anyone who wants to be a part of his 350 person strong organisation will have to do a whole lot more than simply talk about their previous experiences and repeat the age old clichés about being a team player or a perfectionist.

Preferring an open-ended, free-flowing conversation to the more formal, traditional interview style, Matt likes to open with the question, “So I understand that we’re talking about an opportunity — what do you think?” He believes that this open question gives his candidates more of an opportunity to display their real personality during the interview.

Of course, for the anxious introvert, this is a nightmare scenario, and likely to cause them to clam up and go silent. For the more extrovert interviewee, however, it can be the perfect chance to talk about themselves for as long as Matt allows them to continue.

Luckily for potential employees, there is no right or wrong answer that Matt has in mind. This quirky interviewing style is simply his individual method of ascertaining whether the person in front of him would fit in at his company, and gives him more of a sense of who they are. He likes to move quickly away from the more formal, structured question and answer session that the candidate may be expecting, and simply focus on whether they could fit the culture at ModCloth.

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