Tips to set you up for career success

The role we have depends upon which aspect of our personality we choose to nurture, listen to and use to drive us

The good news is that it is possible to take control of your inner critic and overcome the near-unconscious thought processes standing between you and realising your goals.

No matter how much ambition you have and how much you want to succeed in your dream career, there are always two elements to your personality. The first – the driven, goal-focussed optimist – knows exactly what you need to do to secure the role of your dreams; the second – the glass-half-full, negative one – is constantly opposing your ambition, thwarting you every time you consider taking the steps necessary to shine.

The secret to attaining career advancement is a combined approach of goal-setting, determination, commitment, and a refusal to empower your inner critic. The following guidelines will support you to shelve the elements that are impeding your progress, helping you to maximise your confidence and have the self-belief to achieve your dreams.

Realise the richness of learning

Lifelong learning does not have to mean signing up to a treadmill of academic qualifications and achievement; instead, it is about recognising that every circumstance may present you with opportunities for self-development and empowerment. Even events in your life that at first appear to be purely negative will have embedded lessons that will help you to avoid future mistakes and gain strength.

Amend your approach

It is our natural disposition to concentrate upon problems, barriers and impediments to our success; however, by adopting a new perspective and regarding every situation as an opportunity, it is possible to transform our thoughts. By maintaining optimism and a firm belief in your ability to change circumstances to work towards your goals, you will train yourself to approach obstacles in a new way.

Ignore your inner critic

The loudest part of your psyche in any given situation will tend to be the critical one. When people compliment us, we brush them off; when we achieve, we automatically lower our estimation of the work it took to reach each goal.

This incessant criticism of the self can serve to undermine your ambition, quietly telling you that your dreams are unachievable. Make a conscious decision to ignore this inner cynic, instead focussing upon your strength and ability when faced with new challenges.

Get disciplined

Life does not often present us with all our dreams without our investing some significant effort into making them come true. It is important to set targets for yourself, recognising that everything of value in life must be earned. Set time aside to develop yourself, with clearly-defined goals that advance you step by step to the place you where you want to be in terms of personal achievement and career accomplishments.

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