10 of the hottest future IT jobs you need to know about

The IT industry is continuing to grow rapidly, and new roles are being created almost daily

This article looks at ten roles that are beginning to appear more and/or will likely appear in the future.

1. Chief Data Officer

This senior management role is becoming more and more prominent. According to Gartner, approximately half of all large companies already have CDOs in place, and this figure is predicted to exceed 90% by the end of 2019. The Chief Data Officer has overall responsibility for how data is gathered, managed, protected and simplified.

2. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are able to create complex logic in order to enable multiple data solutions. They are experts at managing/manipulating data and often report to either the Chief Technology Officer or the Head of Products/Marketing. They are focused on using analytics to help the organisation.

3. Data Manager

This role has a focus on data warehousing, data maintenance, confidentiality, implementation tools and technical standards. The Data Manager is also responsible a company’s data infrastructure and will usually report to the Chief Information Officer or the Chief Data Officer.

4. Cloud Strategic Database Administrator

This future role will be geared toward the strategic management of databases in the cloud. The ideal CSDA will have substantial experience in building/managing solutions and be skilled in specialist areas such as multitenancy, performance and security.

5. Professional DevOps Engineer

This role will require collaborative skills within the cloud environment. Knowledge of Java and Python, the ability to use open-source technologies and tools, the ability to code and script and an understanding of efficiency are all important qualities for DevOps Engineers. DevOps Engineers are globally the hardest job roles to fill.

6. Java Embedded Development – IOT Specialist

Communication between devices is one of the central developments of recent years. Because Arduino and Raspberry have become the standard way of embedding intelligence into various devices, there is likely to be a continual demand for those with embedded Java skills.

7. Security Management – Security Specialist

With the continued boom in the use of electrical devices, a phenomenal amount of data is being generated. Protecting this data has become an essential part of business. Security specialists with skills in transactional data, databases, encryption, authentication and mobile and cloud security are becoming increasingly desirable amongst employers.

8. Mobile Experts (Enabling On Demand and SAAS extensions)

This role enables the automation of business processes for the Android and iPhone platforms whilst also developing strategies for integration. It will also include looking at ways of improving user experiences.

9. AI, Robotics, IORT and Augmented Technologies Developer

This role will revolve around robotics, Augmented Reality and Emotional Intelligence and will require people who are skilled in machine learning, cognitive computing, NLP and robotic programming.

10. Predictive/Prescriptive/AI/Emotional Analyst

In a world of data and analytics, this type of role is there monitor the multitude of data sources. The role requires a variety of skills, including Hadoop, database, map reduce, data warehouse and streaming technologies, including CEP (for pulling data).

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