Hot employee engagement trends that employers need to know

Employee engagement is one of the topics forward-thinking business leaders have been pondering of late

Engaged employees are basically staff who are passionately and proactively delivering value to their company while energetically aligning themselves with the mission of the company; in other words, they are enthusiastic about their work and strive to carry it out to the best of their ability.

There are a number of trends emerging in the important realm of engagement, and the first to consider is the role millennials will play in a workforce. They are already the biggest generation represented amongst US employees and comprise a significant proportion of staff everywhere.

The number of millennials will only increase as more baby boomers leave the workforce and more graduates join it; therefore, employers will need to know what makes Generation Y tick.

Research indicates that approaches to encourage engagement should encompass ideas that millennials respond to favourably, such as transparent communication, worthwhile causes, purpose and fulfilment at work.

A recent study demonstrated that employees who receive more feedback are more actively engaged with their work; increase the feedback, even on staff flaws and weaknesses, and engagement will rise. Give positive feedback on tasks employees do well and engagement will shoot up.

Staff want to feel appreciated and that their efforts matter. Let them know that this is the case and that you are engaged with them; in turn, they will become more engaged with you and your firm.
Great managers make great teams.

Research has shown that as staff will leave a job to escape a horrible boss, the flip side is that they will go the extra mile for a leader who has empathy, integrity, and is authentic and dignified.

Flexibility in the workplace is going to be another hot issue – it is no longer about the work/life balance but all about the work/life blend. Many tasks and positions no longer need to be constrained by the nine-to-five model and many employees can effectively carry out their work without even coming into the office.

More businesses are embracing flexibility – as long as productivity and profits continue to increase, this trend will only gather momentum.

Technology will also continue to play a large role in working practices, not only in tools or software used by employees but also in the way they do their work. Smartphones and apps are going to play a significant part in this development, with new tools emerging for checking in with staff, expanding networks and giving instant digital feedback.

Advanced digital methods of monitoring employee productivity could even eventually replace performance reviews.

The ways of doing business are constantly changing, and remaining competitive means staying up to date. New methods and techniques are rapidly evolving for improving employee output with better management as managers gain access to more tools that can enable them to utilise fully the skills and energy of their employees.

Neglecting employee engagement is not a risk committed business leaders can take.

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