Part-time apprenticeships: Virgin Media provide the charge

"There is certainly a demand for part-time apprenticeships" says Christos Orthodoxou, Founder of Class Careers

Having launched its first apprenticeships 10 years ago and saw 839 completed apprenticeships, I was delighted to hear from Emerging Talent Lead Karen Handley that Virgin Media have become the first private UK company to launch part-time apprenticeships.

Having witnessed many workshops between students and employers with my work at Class Careers, there is certainly a demand for part-time apprenticeships and more flexible pathways hence why I was so delighted to hear the news.

I hope to see more employers taking this approach and continuing to maximise the ROI of the apprenticeship levy and apprenticeships in general because it’s beneficial for all stakeholders.

For the learner, it’s often forgotten that apprenticeships can prove intense as they are required to study alongside their work. A part-time apprenticeship offers some rest bite in the week and the opportunity to do something else towards their career.

There’s also the potential for older apprentices or parents to gain a more accessible route back into work or transition to a different sector.

For the employer, part-time apprenticeships make a lot of sense, particularly for employers where full-time employees are not required. It also provides an opportunity to access a diverse workforce that might not be accessible or drawn to a full-time apprenticeship.

This was the finding of a report that called for part-time apprenticeships to allow women, carers and disabled people to take up opportunities (carried out by YouGov).

I have no doubts that this will prove to be a hugely popular scheme, particularly with the Virgin Media household brand coupled alongside it. I hope it provides a charge in the sector and encourages other employers to look at offering part-time apprenticeships.

Chief People Officer at Virgin Media, Catherine Lynch commented:

“On the job learning works for everyone. Our flexible and diverse apprenticeships are helping jump-start careers across Virgin Media from aspiring field-technicians right through to finance gurus. There has never been a better time to join our team.”

Skills minister Anne Milton commented:

“It’s fantastic to see firms like Virgin Media investing in new high-quality apprenticeships. This new part-time apprenticeship will make it even easier for people training on the job and will help develop the digital skills our economy urgently needs.”

Further details about the scheme can be found here.

Christos Orthodoxou, Founder of Class Careers

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