The new government tool helping schools to save money on recruitment fees

Schools are set to save money on recruitment fees thanks to a new online tool that has been introduced by the government

This handy ‘one-stop shop’ tool will help schools to avoid using recruitment agencies that charge excessive fees and additional costs if temporary staff become permanent. This will be a great way for schools to look for and ultimately hire local supply and temporary teaching staff for the best value for money.

Supply teachers undoubtedly still have a place in the education industry; however, this initiative is trying to ensure that schools are not taken advantage of financially when it comes to using them, particularly when they are needed urgently and there is a temptation to book the first available candidate.

This new tool is a transparent method of comparing various agencies and their costs and will save time and money for schools. The recruitment fees – along with wages and any additional costs – will all be displayed, making it straightforward for schools to see exactly what they are getting for their money. To appear on the popular tool, agencies must be upfront about their costs and ensure that they conduct the relevant background checks on all their applicants.

Ultimately, the primary objective of this new tool is to give schools the resources to get the best staff for their needs without being fleeced. For many, it has already enabled them to save thousands of pounds that can then be put back into the classroom and used to provide pupils with a better quality of learning. With budgets already tight within schools and other public sector environments, this will be a welcome tool to help save money in areas in which schools may previously have been ripped off.

This is one of many new ways to try to reduce the costs incurred for school recruitment. Other schemes include a free website on which to advertise vacancies rather than schools having to pay for advertising positions. Financial support and planning services are also being introduced into schools to help them to use their limited funds in the very best ways possible.

Recommended deals on things such as computing and printing are also being rolled out in a bid to try to help schools to save money on some of their most costly but unavoidable outgoings.

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